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#AdorableAdoptable Aries Cat

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 24, 2016/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cat Astrology, Cats, Shelter Cats/ 14 comments

Our Astro Kitty #AdorableAdoptable this month is an Aries Cat and he’s available today for a low adoption fee of $24.00! We’re always connecting with cat lovers everywhere. A recent favorite way is to direct message on Instagram. That’s how I connected with Christine, a volunteer at The Peter Zippi Fund is no-kill, volunteer based cat shelter in Hermosa Beach, Ca. and

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Aquarian Cats For Peace

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 24, 2016/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats/ 19 comments

Is the Aquarius cat a radical anarchist keeping pet parents on their toes with subversive cat videos or an inspiration the makes the world a better place? The age of Aquarius will last 1260 years ushering in peace and harmony. The idea of peace and letting the sun shine in happens one person, one cat at a time. Who better than cats to be ambassadors for meaningful change to truly make a difference in the world?

Hanukkah Lights and Astrology Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ December 16, 2014/ Cat Astrology, Cats/ 24 comments

The season of light is here. It may feel dark at 4 pm but the Solstice is around the corner and with it longer days ahead. We’ll thrilled for light of a different kind. Our tech team sorted some of our recent tech woes and we’ll continue to make improvements. Subscriber notifications as of today will be via Chimpmail and

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Kitten Found 2,300 Miles from Home & Caturday Recap

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 22, 2014/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cat Astrology, Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 12 comments

TOP Breaking Cat News How a microchip saved a kitten who mysteriously traveled 3,000 Miles. If you think indoor-only cats don’t need to be micro-chipped, this story from the Portland Press Herald may convince you. On Halloween, a kitten named Spice darted out the door in New Mexico only to be found 10 days later in Portland, Maine. Our Caturday Recap

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Caturday News: Highs and Lows

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 4, 2014/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Merlin/ 9 comments

Our week’s review has highs and lows. We celebrated Merlin Week  in honor of  Merlin’s 20th birthday. We end the festivities tomorrow with one of his famous book review/giveaways. His fundraiser is on until Oct. 20. Thanks and purrs for the kind donations. The widget to contribute is at the bottom of this post. In case you missed some of

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Feline Astrology: The Virgo Cat Decoded

Layla Morgan Wilde/ August 26, 2014/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cat Astrology, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 18 comments

This is our new revised cat Astrology column with all new graphics and photography of shelter cats by Layla Morgan Wilde. The Kitty Astrology feature began in 2012 and was revamped for the audience at Catster.com (author profile) last year.   Whether you believe in astrology or not, you’ll find something useful or at least entertaining with our monthly column featuring

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Moon Cat Astrology & Meet Peanut

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 5, 2014/ Cat Astrology, Feline Fine Art, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 15 comments

[Tweet “When adopting, find out how astrology can help you select the best #cats. @catwisdom101 @astrology”] Astrology exerts the same influence on cats as it does on humans. The sun sign is only one piece of the astrological pie and a detailed chart requires the exact time of birth. That’s often not possible but learning which sun sign a cat

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Carpe Diem Caturday:

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 8, 2014/ Cat Astrology, cat photo quotes, Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art/ 30 comments

Emergency update! Merlin, our cat pictured above, was rushed to a vet this afternoon. He is resting at home, back on antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids.  We will are awaiting test results. Your purrs and prayers are welcome. Welcome to a Carpe Diem Caturday. The image is an old one of our boy Merlin. We’ve been super busy and will post

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Astro Kitty -The Cancerian Cat

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 17, 2013/ Cat Astrology, Cats/ 12 comments

Cats share many of the astrological characteristics of zodiac signs as humans do. The sign of Cancer is from June 22 to July 22 is ruled by the moon, it’s element is water and it’s symbol, the crab. For sixteen years I shared my life with the sweetest Cancerian Siamese cat, but like all the zodiac signs there are two

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The Aries Cat

Layla Morgan Wilde/ April 17, 2012/ Cat Astrology, Cat Behavior 101, cat photo quotes, Feline Fine Art, Secrets of Cats/ 13 comments

  Astrology is a useful tool for discerning not only the character of humans but of felines. If you’re lucky enough to know the exact time of your cat’s birth, a more complete astrological chart can be drawn, but even narrowing down the time to a monthly zodiac sign is helpful. There’s no question after thirty years of using astrology

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