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Carpe Diem Caturday:

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat photo quote carpe diem

Emergency update! Merlin, our cat pictured above, was rushed to a vet this afternoon. He is resting at home, back on antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids. We will are awaiting test results. Your purrs and prayers are welcome.
Welcome to a Carpe Diem Caturday. The image is an old one of our boy Merlin. We’ve been super busy and will post an update on our boys on Mancat Monday. We have something for everyone today. Scroll down and see what suits your fancy. Believe it or not, it’s only a tiny sliver of our life this week.
I often receive thank-you notes from our giveaway winners but one recent winner, Amanda Heck was so thrilled she sent me a photo of her cat Rocco enjoying his Neko Napper. In case you haven’t entered our current giveaway for a six month supply of the new Advantage II, it’s as easy as leaving a comment HERE

Neko Napper giveaway winner

My February piece for is hot, hot, hot! Check out my Q & A with People Magazine’s sexiest Cat guy. And there a pic of him with my lucky friend Alana Grelyak, Cat Dance film finalist. Have you been voting for her film The Inheritance? Please do. Vote here at Cat Dance where you get a chance to win prizes each time you vote.The $50,000 top prize will help a lot of cats. Alana advocates for special needs cats at her blog Cat in The Fridge

BlogPaws 2014 Nose To Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards banner The Annual BlogPaws “Nose To Nose” Awards seeks blogger nominations in twelve different categories for excellence in Social Media Pet Blogging. Cat Wisdom101 was a finalist for Best Cat Blog in the past two years. This year nominees will not be required to garner votes or drive likes to their social media sites. Instead a panel of professionals will judge the candidates based on creativity, expertise, and performance.

What Can You Do? Nominate your favorites bloggers but hurry, nominations close at 11:59 pm est on Wednesday, February 12th.

Here are the links to the nomination forms in the 12 award categories: The highlighted ones in orange are ones we’d love a nomination for.

To be honest, we already feel like winners even if we don’t win. One of our readers already nominated us for Best Cat Blog with these swoon-worthy words.
Cat Wisdom 101 is a wealth of information for cat parents and those who love cats, and I personally enjoy the variety of educational and entertaining content that is shared. Layla’s passion for cats comes through loud and clear; when she talks practically about understanding cat behavioural issues, but also when she interviews a cat personality or reviews a cat-related book. This is one of my favourite cat blogs; for credible advice but also for great reading recommendations to add to my bookshelf.

Traci is an awesome new blogger based in Australia. Check out her blog Pawesome Cats.

Astrology buffs, it’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius, at least this month. Find out if your cat is an Aquarian. My monthly Astro Kitty column is at Catster where I write about various feline-related topics. If you read all the way down here you win $1000. Just kidding, but you get extra purrrrrs and headbonks. If you are a blogger and leave a comment I promise to visit you and comment. Hope to see you here on Monday when it’s quiet and cozy.

Aquarius cat astrology


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