A Cat's Guide to Halloween video
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Viral Halloween Cat Video, Tips & Black Cat Infographic

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)
With Halloween around the corner, we have a spooktacular Caturday to get you in the mood starting with a fab Halloween Cat Video. Cats and Halloween are a natural combo but there are risks. Click to see our 5 must-do tips for Halloween safety including one you may not have considered. There are some spooky, fun cat graphics to share too!

We’re thrilled the clever and sweet A Cat’s Guide To Halloween video from Cole and Marmalade went viral on Facebook yesterday. It racked up over 1.7 million views and counting. I know some of you aren’t on Facebook so you can click on the link to view. And hint hint: they are part of our big announcement on Tuesday.

A Cat's Guide to Halloween video

Black cat Halloween PSA

The zodiac has moved into the sultry, mysterious sign of Scorpio. Do you have one of these sexy beasts at home? Not sure? Find out the clues at our Cat Astrology post on feline Scorpios.

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We love hearing from creative new bloggers and happy to share an awesome BLACK CAT infographic from Dave, titled: 17 reasons To Own A Black Cat. Dave Kaminski should know; he has three fabulous black cats and three other beauties. Ya gotta love a cat man with six cats. Check out his aptly named blog SixCatsOneDude and you’re going to want to follow this rising star for his cool pics and videos on Instagram @sixcatonedude


































And remember: all cats whether black or any other color aren’t evil or bad. They’re unfortunately still victims of superstition and ignorance. There are evil humans though. You can call them sick psychopaths or ignorant idiots but you don’t want them to get their hands on your cat. Keep your cats indoors on Halloween and the night before for a delightful and not frightful holiday. If you have a black cat, we’d love to celebrate their beauty. Share pics at our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page


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