Mondays With Merlin: My Last Cat Product Review

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Hello dear cat lover friends. Merlin Week continues with something new every day this week, all about me, me, me Merlin. I must say, if cats could blush I’d be rosy with all the attention. For those who have actually met me, would know I’m not a fame whore. Okay, I’m a tad vain but aren’t we all? And I think I look pretty darn good for 20 at least that’s what my mom tells me. Do you think she’s exaggerating when she says I’m still the most handsome cat in the world?

I’m not exaggerating when I say I hate the cold weather. Don’t believe what they say about hardy Canadians. Ha, I was born in Canada in 1994 but have lived north of NYC since 2001 and I’ve never gotten used to winter. Cats have few regrets but I regret Layla didn’t move to that little Caribbean island in 1996. She had everything in place to move but in those days there was six month quarantine in cold, damp England and that nixed the deal.

So, in old weather I have to settle for heating pads, down duvets and a luxurious new item, a cashmere sweater. As you may know I’m an experienced cat product reviewer but regret to inform you, I will be retiring from that position. My fur bros. Odin and Domino will step up the plate. I may try a new treat or do the odd book review but it’s time, and any way the pay was meager. A few treats and catnip won’t pay for my fantasy Caribbean trip!

You must know, I don’t approve of costumes or cat clothing but as I said: cold is my mortal enemy. How could I say no to a cozy one-of-a kind cashmere sweater and matching pillow? Layla met a nice woman,  Margaret K. who made a mid-life decision to create the world’s best handmade cashmere pet fashions. Everything is bespoke of the finest upcycled cashmere. We’re talking super luxury and couture quality. No two items are a like and I was lucky to receive my own. Mine was not made-to-measure but fits well and is dreamy soft in an charming autumnal pattern. It will keep the chill off my old bones as we head towards eeeekkk winter. Layla says she’s never  seen pet fashions of this quality and workmanship. Like all luxury products, they aren’t cheap and will cost about $100+ for a sweater, but aren’t we worth it?

The new company is called The Elegant Hare and they are so new, their website won’t be ready until next week. You can email Margaret at  with any questions. They’re already getting press. Click here to see some of the gorgeous designs for cats and dogs.

Keep in mind, anything you order would be custom made for your pet in a one-of-kind fabric color or pattern.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary sweater and pillow which in no way influenced our opinion. We received no payment. I didn’t even receive catnip and did this just to help a nice woman launch a new business on a shoestring.

If you feel so inclined to contribute to my birthday fund to help homeless cats, it’s much appreciated.  You can read the story about how I became a cat advocate 19 years ago on my campaign page. As always thanks for being here. Thanks for sharing and thank-you for loving cats.


25 thoughts on “Mondays With Merlin: My Last Cat Product Review”

  1. You are most handsome and wise and very lucky to have received such a beautiful sweater and pillow.
    Happy Birthday week.

  2. Wow dat duz look comfy. Glad yous liked it. Hope hers business goes well. Weez can’t afford it, but weez know lots of kits and peeps hoo can, so weez hope she’ll be busy. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. EEoww Merlin iz Nylablue here frum da Purrfect Pad over on Werdpress…me waz reedin sammy’z blog n he menshuned iz yer 20th Birfday n we just had to come over n say a B-I-G “CONKATULAYSHUNZ MERLIN” on ternin 20 yeerz old…
    yer siplee amazin n we iz happy to meet ya n nose ya! Yer shure a hansum mankat too by da way! Yer cashmeer sweatur iz pawsum n makez yer furz look grrreat!!
    Me livez in allmost northern Ontario n it getz friggid here in Winter….so me can reelatez to what ya iz sayin…
    No Carribeean fer me either, MOL!!
    Haz a bunderfull Birfday n many more guud dayz too.
    Sinseerlee, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum

  4. Merlin ,we have never seen you looking more dashing nor elegant than in your new cozy, soft sweater. The colors suit you so well! We are glad that you got it now so you can enjoy it all winter long!!! Happy Early Birthday To You!!!

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  5. dood…ya wont catch uz wearin pants but we gotta say yur lookin very
    swavee in yur sweater…it matches yur coat purrfect lee !! N heerz hopin ya raiz 20 bazillion for yur 20th ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. I am not big on clothes either but… This really is special and nice. You are one lucky kitty. Thanks for all you do and we will support other with this great campaign. Will be back for the pawty!
    Timmy and Family

  7. Merlin that’s a beautiful sweater – perfect colors for you and I can tell it’s SUPER soft and cozy – that will feel fabulous as the cold weather moves in….I’ve lost some weight with my thyroid issue and Mom says I feel “bony” so a sweater might just be the ticket! Not sure we can afford the up-market cashmere but we’ll find something I’m sure… are a GREAT model for TheElegantHare though!!!!! Happy Birthday WEEK.

    Hugs, Sammy

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