cat-labor day
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Mancat Monday Labor Day Cat

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat labor day

Meowsers! It’s Merlin, on a holiday Mancat Monday called Labour Day in Canada and Labor Day the U.S. Let’s face it, there are very few cats with real money making jobs except maybe Grumpy Cat and her ilk. Today we’d like to celebrate fellow hard working cats who blog. We know how laborious it can be testing products, writing poems, reviewing books and modelling for photos, sometimes in silly costumes. And for what? A few treats and catnip toys? If you are a cat who blogs, we salute you! Maybe we need to gather the troops and create a union for higher pay and perks. Let me know.

Meanwhile, we are doing a whole lot of nothing today. Zero labor. Thanks for sending healing purrs. Domino was almost back to normal when some fool neighbors put on a fireworks display last night that rivaled July the 4th! Thank COD when it ended my pal stopped hiding and we snuggled in bed.

cats-labor day

Odin’s limp is 72% better and he’s eager to walk on a leash. The turning point came last night when he climbed up the stairs and left the security of his Googie Bed. Thank-you for your purrs and good wishes.

And me? I’m loving the hot, humid weather and Reiki healing time with Layla. She brought back grilled sirloin, ribs and swordfish from a BBQ, so life is good. How are you celebrating or not?

cat-labor day


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