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Caturday Falling Down Laughing

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat climbing tree -quote-poem

Happy Caturday! Thanks so much for your purrs and good wishes. Odin is recuperating from a misguided fall. No, not from a tree. He’s the Olympic medalist of tree climbing. We were optimistic when he finally emerged from his bed, still limping but wanting to go out. It was a gorgeous day and I thought it was a good way to monitor his gait. To keep him safe, I snapped on a new harness and leash. Odin took to it instantly and he seemed happy to be walked around. But all of a sudden, he spotted a robin on the lawn and bolted, ripping the harness off like the Incredible Hulk leaving the leash dangling in the wind. Needless to say, I will not be reviewing that product. The bird flew off and the disgruntled hunter was carried indoors where he took to his bed again. All outdoor activity remains off limits until the limp improves noticeably.

He’s responded well to hands-on Reiki healing treatment and communicated details about the fall. It wasn’t the dressing table as I’d originally thought but a tumble from the Neko Napper bed which sits on top of the radiator cover in my dressing room. I saw it had fallen to the floor the other day but thought nothing of it. Odin is usually so energetically intense he rarely allows Reiki and it’s difficult from me to receive communication from him. The injury slowed down his energy enough for me to tune in to at least get yes/no answers. For confirmation, I ask for a signal like moving his head for a “yes’.

Domino post vet update. He hid all day again until evening and appears back to normal.

Odin takes solace knowing cats falling badly can happen to the best of them. Making humans laugh is bonus like this video of epic cat jumping fails.

Other NEWS. As many of you know, I have another blog named Boomer Muse. A migration to WordPress over two months ago proved problematic but Boomer Muse finally rose from the ashes recently as

1750 posts, millions of views and six years later we’re sort of starting from scratch. talking about falling down laughing. It’s been a comedy of errors and a story of PERSEVERANCE. Come take a peek. it’s my blogoversery today.


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