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See You in September, Cat Lovers

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)


Merlin-cat-September -end of summer
This was taken last year at age 19, showing weight loss from kidney disease.


Blink and it’s over. Maybe not summer but August is hanging by a cat’s whisker. There’s a melancholy mood under the heat wave and as a cat who has seen 20 summers, I’d like to share my annual end of summer song, “See You in September”. It sets a nostalgic tone for us since September marks National Pet Memorial Month and I’m in the mood to remember. It’s not all doom and gloom, there’s going to be a lot to celebrate, think about and hopefully you’ll enjoy our biggest change at Cat Wisdom 101 ever!

I hope I will see you in September but I know we will have to say good-bye to some of our readers but nothing stays the same forever. We need to pave the way for something big and exciting coming next year.

And, Bast willing, I will be celebrating my 21st birthday on Oct. 2nd! One thing that won’t change is Mondays With Merlin. It will continue no matter what heavenly sphere I’m writing from. I will share the spotlight with Domino, Odin & Nou Nou, so it will be called Mondays With Merlin & Feline Friends. So, start humming… see you in September…



Yes, everything changes. Can you believe this was taken only five years ago in 2011? I was huge and I wasn’t blind yet. My sister Coco had just died and felt like the end of the world, but it wasn’t.

cat wisdom september quote A year later in 2012, I looked good. Slimmer but didn’t know the reason was kidney disease. I could see but my vision was failing and blindness gradually took over that year. No matter what, my favorite season is summer because of my garden. I could sniff to my heart’s content, lounge on the porch or picnic blankie on the grass.


More weight and muscle loss in 2013. Luckily the progress of the CKD has been slow and gradual.

cat autumn garden

In 2014, the boniness appeared more obvious. I’m blind but can still hear and smell just fine. Walking turned more old man tentative in 2015 but the garden pleasures remain 100% divine including the daily hammock nap with Layla!

Merlin-cat quote-all that glitters

Are you ready for September? What did you most enjoy this summer?


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