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Who Is That Mystery Cat Man?

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We’ve gone fishing. Not really but too crazy busy with an exciting new project to do a giveaway today. Instead we give you a puzzle to solve. I love things vintage with cats and fell in love with this cat man. I’ve cleaned up and edited the cabinet photo. He’s English and judging from his clothing maybe from Edwardian era. I will say the gentleman is not famous but is clearly a cat lover. What else can you determine? For over a hundred years, it’s been common the see cat ladies or children photographed with their cats but not men. What’s your guess about his profession and what’s so special about his cat? The classic tabby cat looks male to me. Photography in those days required enormous patience and both the man and his cat appear relaxed as they both stare directly into the camera.

What’s their story? And do you believe true gentlemen love cats?

vintage photo cat and man


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