It’s Time To Love Black Cats: Vintage Black Cat Art and Adoption Awareness

black cat lucky watch

That’s right, it’s Wednesday and time for our weekly black cat adoption awareness feature. This week, we have some unusual and striking vintage art and collectibles depicting black cats.

But first, meet NINJI, a sleek, young boy discovered by a customer at a gas station in West Miami. He stood on his hind legs and pleaded with his front paws to pick him up and feed him and save him. It turned out he belonged to an elderly lady. Sadly the daughter place mom in nursing home and dumped the cats outdoors. Thankfully our friends at Riverfront Cats took him in. Ninji just received his second round of vaccinations, is neutered, healthy and ready to go to his new home. He’s an athletic boy with high energy levels but likes purring in a lap too! 


For anyone who adopts Ninji, you will receive a black carrier, and a “Welcome Kitty Gift Basket” including a pet carrier, food bowl, toys, the delightful book The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey autographed by our good friend Deb Barnes, and a bottle of Coppola Wine. Christopher Coppola and his black cat Otto are the famous guardian/cat duo and were celebrity guests at the Black Cat Gala in Miami. Christopher and Otto have generously donated the bottle of wine for anyone who adopts a black cat from Riverfront Cats!
If you are interested in meeting Ninji, please email
Many believe black cats are lucky and the cover of this adorable book published in 1927 speaks volumes.

vintage cat book Tuffy Good Luck















Tea anyone?  Who can resist a vintage mid-century teapot from Stafford. Did you know we collect teapots? We have a feature at our other blog called Zen Tea Tuesday

stafford black cat teapotblack cats

Doe anyone play dominoes anymore?black cat dominoes

We are donating 100% of the proceeds from our black cat art at our Etsy shop to the A.S.P.C.A.

Black Cat Mystery Door

25 thoughts on “It’s Time To Love Black Cats: Vintage Black Cat Art and Adoption Awareness”

    We pray and purr that Ninji finds his puuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrfect furever home!!!
    We ask that you guys purr for us too, we are working to trap,neuter/spay and hopefully home two young ferals here too… of which just happens to be black with one small white spot too named Twig and a smaller one tiger stripe with a little yellow named Peanut.
    It just stuns me that people can be so heartless and cruel.
    Luvs,purrs and prayers to all
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  2. We are purring up a storm for Ninji. We hope his forever family finds him quickly. We are so sorry to hear how heartless the daughter of the Mom put in a nursing home, I cannot imagine how that Mom must feel if she knew…it is so heartbreaking to do this to an innocent life.

  3. We have our paws and fingers crossed for Ninji — what a striking house panther! Whoever adopts him is going to be super LUCKY. We’ll tweet this now.

    Black cats are awesome. We are, admittedly, a little biased, but still…

  4. We LOVE black cats! We’re campaigning this whole month in their favor using the tag #magicats. We have one here, Niles, and he loves to hold hands at night. Thank you for helping their cause!! – Alana & Crepes.

  5. oh thank you Riverfront Cats! And we luvluvluv black cats…we hope to adopt one soon…and I am working hard to help Ray Charles and Rachel get adopted, two black panthers and Ray Ray has very limited sight…Ninji is one very lucky kitty…I will share on FB

  6. We remember you posted on this last year and appreciated it then and now too. It’s so sad for those black cats that aren’t adopted because of their color!

  7. Ninji is such a handsome boy! Poor baby dumped like that but I’m so glad he was rescued. I hope he will find forever home very soon.
    I love the kitty tea pot. It’s so adorable 🙂

  8. Thank goodness for those peeps at Riverfront Cats. They do such great work.

    That poor kitty… left all alone… all by himself and OBVIOUSLY wantin’ and needin’ love and attention. Again, thank goodness for the peeps at Riverfront Cats.


  9. doods….ya noe…az much az black kittehz iz feered by dumb ass peepulz…they sure due like ta use em in products a lot huh !!! hay, heerz ta a wild whitefish wednesday ~~~~ 🙂

  10. I had a black cat when I was nine – “Midnight” – but haven’t had a black cat since! (not by choice).

  11. I hate hearing stories like the one about Ninji – he is lucky that he has humans helping him. Some are not so lucky.

    My human has some vintage kitty stuff. Now that you’ve mentioned yours, she will probably make me pose with them.

  12. I love black cats and ninja and merlin and black cat dominoes

    i forgot that parker brothers was in salem, ma.

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