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The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat


The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat.


Photo credit: Justin Jones

When I interviewed Dr. Jan Pol, the veterinarian, and star of the #1 show on Nat Geo Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol, he told me about Tater. Who knew that conversation would change the life a three-legged black cat and countless other black cats? The interview was in March and Dr. Pol who moves at the speed of a racehorse, hopped on the kitty bandwagon and our black cat awareness cause.  Who better to advocate for black cat adoption than the incredible Tater Pol who turned misfortune into luck?

No one knows where Tater came from but he was rescued from animal trap with a badly mangled leg. Dr. Pol saved his life by amputating his leg. Tater recovered but the odds of finding a home for a black, three-legged cat were slim. The Pol Veterinary clinic already had one office cat and Tater slipped into his role as #2 office cat #2 but not for long. The day after our post, Tater had his own Instagram account @TaterPol and an episode featuring Tater began filming in May.

The #2 cat is now #1. Office cat Tater can add TV star and black cat advocate to his resume. He will also make his publishing debut in our book. You’ll be able to see Tater on the job (and off) in Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images, our nonprofit book featuring over 100 incredible black cats from around the world to be published on August, 9, 2017.

Check out Tater’s debut on the next episode HOOKED ON A FELINE, AIRING SATURDAY, JUL 8 at 9 P.M. ET. Watch a clip from the episode including kitty cuteness

It’s a thrill to see Tater’s handsome black face fill the screen on the Nat Geo website. And validating to see the Incredible Dr. Pol team add more cats to their programming. Good job, Tater.

28 thoughts on “The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat

  1. Hi Tater – you and your family do such a good job teaching people about black and special needs cats. You and I have 3 legs in common – I ended up that way when I was 8 weeks old and someone threw me out of a car into rush hour traffic. My mom saw it and scooped me up – she was too late to save my leg but she saved the rest of me! We work with special needs animals too – my name is Tucker Tim and I have two feral rehab sisters (Tyra and Ricky Lee). Ricky Lee is crazy but Tyra has become a cuddly little love. Please keep doing what you’re doing – different just makes you special and better not less than. People need to learn that. Keep us laughing with your bouncing around – we love watching you and your whole family every week!

  2. We love Tater. We have a black cat, Charcoal, who is 16 years old. He came to my school as a stray, I took him home and he’s brought us many years of joy. We’d like to know what happened to the previous #1 cat, name, perhaps a photo as well. Thanks

  3. We don’t get to watch Dr. Pol anymore because our mom got rid of our cable! So not fair! We’ll have to try to stream Tater’s debut.

  4. Good for Tater and Dr Pol ! I hope the “former # 1 office cat” is still around and being loved on.

  5. Oh wow, an incredible story of love, devotion and the luck of black kitties. I am so happy it worked out for Tater. <3 <3 <3

  6. Hey! How cool! Dr Pol comes from the Netherlands…that is where Petcretay’s pawrents came from too. And He lives in Michigan just like we do! OMC! Except he doesn’t live close to us…

    Tater is magnificent! And quite the furmouse spokeskitty!

  7. Tater is quite a handsome fella. He was a lucky dude to go to such a kind and gentle vet. Kudos to Dr Pol and his team for taking care of tater.

  8. tater….ewe iz one handsum houz panther dood…..we R sorree we willna bee abe bull ta catch yur show; noe tee vee hooked up heer, but we hope ya get 946 bazillion veews anda emmy !!!! ♥♥♥

  9. This kitty is totally pawsome! He sure has a lot to teach humans- without a doubt. Lucky kitty, but anyone who has this little guy cross their path is even luckier

  10. HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR TATER!!! We are so happy to have yet another advoCAT for black cats in particular, feral cats, special needs cats and just cats in general!!!! A three legged black kitty must indeed be magical!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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