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The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat

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The Incredible Tater Pol: A Lucky Three-Legged Black Cat.


Photo credit: Justin Jones

When I interviewed Dr. Jan Pol, the veterinarian, and star of the #1 show on Nat Geo Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol, he told me about Tater. Who knew that conversation would change the life a three-legged black cat and countless other black cats? The interview was in March and Dr. Pol who moves at the speed of a racehorse, hopped on the kitty bandwagon and our black cat awareness cause. Who better to advocate for black cat adoption than the incredible Tater Pol who turned misfortune into luck?

No one knows where Tater came from but he was rescued from animal trap with a badly mangled leg. Dr. Pol saved his life by amputating his leg. Tater recovered but the odds of finding a home for a black, three-legged cat were slim. The Pol Veterinary clinic already had one office cat and Tater slipped into his role as #2 office cat #2 but not for long. The day after our post, Tater had his own Instagram account @TaterPol and an episode featuring Tater began filming in May.

The #2 cat is now #1. Office cat Tater can add TV star and black cat advocate to his resume. He will also make his publishing debut in our book. You’ll be able to see Tater on the job (and off) in Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images, our nonprofit book featuring over 100 incredible black cats from around the world to be published on August, 9, 2017.

Check out Tater’s debut on the next episode HOOKED ON A FELINE, AIRING SATURDAY, JUL 8 at 9 P.M. ET. Watch a clip from the episode including kitty cuteness

It’s a thrill to see Tater’s handsome black face fill the screen on the Nat Geo website. And validating to see the Incredible Dr. Pol team add more cats to their programming. Good job, Tater.


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