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The Sexiest Man Cat Alive

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Before you think my handsome, black catness has gone to my head, you should know I did not come up with the title. The culprit is the humom and as editor, she gets final say on such things. It all started with a photo of me and some full moon craziness. Layla thought I looked impossibly debonair. I have to admit, I’m not too shabby for a senior dude. You might even say sexy, but never mind the sexy schmexy business. Sexiest Man Cat Alive ?

I think we’d need a contest first. If we held a contest, leave it to my bro, Odin to muscle in and try to win. You can see a video of him prancing like a fool in the sidebar from our Instagram feed (not visible on mobile devices). My predecessor and furbro angel Merlin, could easily have claimed the sexiest man cat title. In his younger days, his vet always called him a sexy beast. Even at the same age as me, 17, he still had “it”.

sexiest man cat Merlin

Enough about sexy man cats. More importantly, my role as an advocate for black cat adoption is what counts. I say all you need is love and a black cat.

Now, if you want to see sexy, my great, great, great uncle Liam was even painted by famous artist Louis Wain. Oh, he’d make the ladies faint dead away.

sexiest man cat alive

That’s where I get my brooding good looks. Seriously, am I not a work of art?


My moment of family shame. A not so distant cousin dared to be the sexiest man cat meowdel in the ’70s but failed miserably. The horror of lounge pajamas. Can you imagine he wasn’t even neutered? Thank the cat gods, we know better now spay/neuter saves lives.

sexiest man cat alive

I apologize for the previous flashback to my less than purrfect family tree. What can I say, Black Cats Tell All. To remove the lingering odor of tiger stripes polyester, I hope this artistic watercolor of moi will prevent unsubscribes. Have a blue skies week. Check out all our bonus fun on Facebook and Instagram @CatWisdom101 and our amazing black cat community @BlackCatsofIG. If posting on IG and you’d like us to like it, tag us and please use our hashtag #blackcatstellall And do tell us if you cat could be the Sexiest Man Cat Alive.

Big black cat love and purrs,


(my other fur sibs are fine and lurking in the shadows this week)



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