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Vega The Feline #Hillspet Weight Loss Success Story

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Meet Vega a feline #Hillspet Weight Loss Success Story.

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For the past few months we’ve been sharing posts about Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution including o change your pet’s metabolism to turn him into a fat-burner, impact your pet relationship, and including love in the weight loss equation. The Hills formula helps 88% of pets achieve an ideal weight easily, gradually and naturally for healthy results. Today, we’re happy to share Vega’s weight loss story.

Vega, a solid black cat from adopted from a shelter as a kitten in 2008. She’s had a good life, maybe a little too good. Her owner Cat Ramirez says, “She’s a very sweet girl and I love hanging out with her while I watch YouTube videos or read. I had left Vega with my parents for a year and when I moved back in with them I was shocked at how much weight she’d gained. It was obvious by just looking at her, but it was even more telling when I had trouble carrying her around the house.”

Vega was no longer a sleek house panther and needed healthy weight loss help. Ironically, overweight cats who need exercise will play less and Vega was no different. Vega used to be a very playful cat who loved chasing laser pointer or a bird wand but when she became overweight she stopped doing all these things. She would just sleep the day away and even snored.

Vega’s vet said she needed to lose three pounds and suggested reduced meals portions and more play but it didn’t work since the parent’s caved in to Vega’s begging for more food.

It’s hard to resist a begging pet with a mournful meow and doleful eyes. No one wants to make their pet unhappy. Thankfully Vega was placed on Hill’s® PrescriptionDiet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution program of food and treats. It’s an easy to follow plan and pets don’t feel deprived.

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Vega’s owner says, “I think it’s working fabulously. Vega isn’t crying as much has she used to for food (though she is still a bit whiny about meal times) and she is no longer snoring as loudly! Also, she shocked my mom and me the other day by playing with her old bird wand. Our jaws hit the floor when she started going after it and played with it for about 10 minutes!”

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Exercise comes naturally to our muscular and athletic cat Odin who weighs the same as Vega at her heaviest. He’s a good example of why weight alone is not enough to determine obesity. Only your vet can determine if your cat needs to lose weight. Vega needed regular exercise and weight loss diet to become a sleek and healthy house panther again.

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The real proof of success was the scale. Vega reached her goal of losing three pounds, going down to 11.5 pounds from 14.5.

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For more about Vega’s weight loss journey visit PuppyandCat

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