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Life, Liberty and the PURRsuit of Happiness

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Life, Liberty and the PURRsuit of Happiness by Clyde

life, liberty purrsuit of happiness

As cats, we relish our freedom but most of all our happiness. I’m happy to share some fab vintage cat from July 1899. It’s almost 4th of July and I can tell you one thing not making me happy. The loud boom boom of fireworks. Some went off yesterday already. Humans are insufferably impatient. Here are some more July 4th safety tips.

There is so much going on I’m purring to tell you. Delightful news but we’re in a royal tizzy. Hold on for another couple of days, will you?

I hope your week is off to a good start whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or not. Who is having a BBQ today or tomorrow? Throw on an extra steak for me. Odin caught a chipmunk and baby bunny for the grill but the huMan made Odin release them. The stinker deserves a vegan hotdog.

Yes, it’s all about pleasure and happiness for him. Summer is his favorite season. He’s in and out in the garden ALL day. Domino, a creature of habit spends a chunk of each day in the same wicker chair on the porch. Apparently, he’s done that for years. Nou Nou is the opposite. She has no interest to venture outdoors and has no favorite chair. She rotates between about a dozen different places but only in three rooms. I’m far more circumscribed and only nap in two places. I rarely see her or Domino except at the chow station. Odin is the only one who comes up to my domain on the third floor and we kiss hello which is as friendly as I’m going to get with him. It could be worse. Much worse. There is much to be grateful for.

live, liberty pursuit happiness

I’m loving this festive black cat magazine for July 1898 although it’s not my favorite of the four I’m sharing today.


black cat_july_1897

This is two years later and it’s nice and modern. The story titles aren’t half bad. You can’t copyright a title, so if you’re a writer, go ahead and use them. I think Sir Straggle could be a fine tale about a cat and who wouldn’t be curious about a traveling cabin. Is that some kind of Edwardian Winnebago?

Black cat_July_1899

July 1908 is a tad dreary. Doesn’t it look more suitable for autumn? Oh and look at the price. Ten cents up from a nickel. Can you get anything for a nickel these days? The Fate of Sultan. It must be about one of my Bombay relatives.

Love and purrs,

Clyde, Domino, Odin & Nou Nou and the humom, Layla




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