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National Tuxedo Cat Day Celebration

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November 29 is National Tuxedo Cat Day and we’re going all out with special celebration. Read on for fun facts, poems, photo quotes, a featured senior tuxie to cap off Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month, an adorable adoptable and of course our very own Tuxie, Otto.

national tuxedo cat otto

I stand corrected. Otto or Dr. Otto has stolen my heart as any Tuxedo parent would understand.

There a lot of reasons why.

Graceful tuxedo cats so fine,

In black and white, a design divine.

With each step, a regal dance,

Elegance in every glance,

A timeless beauty, the Tuxie feline.


Here are some fun facts about Tuxedo cats:


  1. Gentlemen and Ladies: Tuxedo cats are often referred to as the “gentlemen” or “ladies” of the feline world due to their elegant black-and-white attire, resembling formal wear.
  2. Variety in Coat Patterns: Each Tuxedo cat has a unique coat pattern. Some may sport the classic black coat with a white chest, while others might exhibit more intricate patterns with additional white markings on their paws, face, or belly.
  3. Tuxedo cats have a random coat pattern that is not inherited. The distribution of black and white fur on tuxedo cats is determined by the movement and multiplication of pigment cells during the development of the embryo. These cells do not follow any genetic instructions for pattern, so no two tuxedo cats will have the exact same markings. Unlike calico and tortoiseshell cats, which are mostly female, tuxedo cats have an equal number of males and females.


Tuxie tuxedo cat fun facts


  1. Lucky Charms: In various cultures, Tuxedo cats are considered symbols of good fortune and positive energy. They’re believed to bring luck and prosperity to households, adding a touch of positivity to their already enchanting appearance.
  2. Charming Personalities: Tuxedo cats are known for their engaging personalities. They often display a playful and sociable demeanor, forming strong bonds with their human companions and effortlessly charming everyone they meet.
  3. A Splash of Contrasting Color: Some Tuxedo cats might exhibit unique features, like “mitten” paws, where their white fur extends further up their legs, resembling mittens or socks, adding to their distinctive appearance.
  4. Artistic Inspirations: Tuxedo cats have inspired artists and creators throughout history. Their striking coat pattern has been depicted in paintings, sculptures, and even literary works, symbolizing elegance and grace.
  5. Timeless Charm: With their classic black-and-white attire and charming personalities, Tuxedo cats continue to capture the hearts of cat lovers worldwide, leaving a lasting impression with their unique style and grace.



The term “Tuxedo cat” has a connection to Tuxedo Park, a prestigious village, 40 miles north of New York City. Before the 1880s, tuxies were simply called black and white cats. That all changed during the Gilded Age.

Tuxedo Park, New York, is known for being the first gated community developed by Pierre Lorillard IV, a wealthy tobacco heir, in the late 19th century. While Pierre Lorillard IV is credited with founding Tuxedo Park as a luxury retreat for New York’s elite, the association of the tuxedo with formal wear stemmed from a different individual.

The formal evening wear known as the tuxedo was popularized by James Potter, a wealthy resident of Tuxedo Park. He’s often credited with introducing a shorter dinner jacket in the 1880s as a less formal alternative to the tailcoat for formal events. Potter’s style choice gained popularity and became known as the tuxedo jacket. Eventually, the term “tuxedo” was associated with this type of eveningwear and in turn black and white cats.

The term “Tuxie” is an affectionate nickname derived from “Tuxedo cat.”

What can I say, I’m mad about tuxies. Otto lives up to every aspect of their personality.

national tuxedo cat mom quote



Personality traits and characteristics commonly associated with Tuxedo cats:


  1. Playful Nature: Tuxedo cats often exhibit a playful and mischievous side. They enjoy interactive play, engaging in activities that stimulate their curiosity, such as chasing toys, exploring new environments, or interacting with their human companions.
  2. Social and Affectionate: Known for their sociable demeanor, Tuxedo cats generally enjoy human company and thrive on interaction. They often form strong bonds with their owners, displaying affection through cuddling, head butting, or following them around the house.
  3. Intelligent and Curious: These cats are often described as intelligent and inquisitive. They enjoy mentally stimulating activities, problem-solving challenges, and exploring their surroundings, displaying a keen interest in their environment.
  4. Adaptable Nature: Tuxedo cats tend to adapt well to various living situations, whether in a busy household or a more serene environment. Their adaptable nature allows them to adjust to changes in routines or living spaces relatively easily.
  5. Confident Demeanor: Tuxedo cats often exude confidence in their movements and interactions. They may display a poised and dignified demeanor, carrying themselves with grace and elegance.
  6. Talkative at Times: Some Tuxedo cats may be more vocal than others, expressing themselves through various vocalizations, such as meows, chirps, or purring, especially when seeking attention or communicating their needs.
  7. Independent streak: While they enjoy human company, Tuxedo cats also appreciate their independence. They might retreat to a quiet spot for some alone time or engage in solitary activities, demonstrating their independent nature.


Tuxedo Coats: It’s not magic but science

The coat color of tuxedo cats is determined by two main factors: eumelanin and the sex-linked red gene. Eumelanin is a pigment that produces black or brown fur, depending on the variant of the browning gene. The sex-linked red gene, located on the X chromosome, determines whether a cat will produce eumelanin or pheomelanin, which is a red pigment. Males can typically only be black or red, while females can be black, red, or tortoiseshell (a mix of black and red).


The white markings on tuxedo cats are caused by the white spotting gene, which prevents the pigment cells from reaching some parts of the fur during the embryo development. The white spotting gene is a common genetic trait in many animals, and it can produce different patterns depending on the amount and distribution of white fur.

Tuxedo cats can be found in a variety of breeds, such as Maine Coon, British Shorthair, Turkish Angora, and American Shorthair. They can also have different coat lengths and textures, depending on the genes of their parents.

Tuxedo cats are special but not rare and if you’re interested in adopting one, your local shelter will probably have a few.

This sweet girl is Cricket at Paws, the wonderful shelter in Connecticut where we adopted our dear OTRB Clyde.


cricket-tuxedo cat adoption


About those polydactyl toes or paws:


polydactyl cat paws


  1. Polydactyl Tuxedo Cats: Tuxedo cats occasionally exhibit a fascinating trait known as polydactylism, where they possess extra toes on their paws. This genetic anomaly can result in more than the typical number of toes, giving their paws a charmingly unique and sometimes “mitten-like” appearance.
  2. Mitten Paws: Some Tuxedo cats with polydactylism have adorable “mitten” or “snowshoe” paws, where the extra toes form a larger, wider paw shape. This trait, combined with their black-and-white coloring, adds to their distinctive and endearing appearance.
  3. Historical Connection: Polydactylism in cats, including Tuxedo cats, has historical ties to certain regions and seafaring communities. Sailors believed that polydactyl cats brought good luck and were excellent ship’s cats due to their enhanced dexterity for catching pests aboard vessels.
  4. Hemingway’s Cats: The renowned author Ernest Hemingway had a fondness for polydactyl cats, and his former home in Key West, Florida, now serves as a sanctuary for descendants of his polydactyl feline companions. Among these cats, some exhibit the Tuxedo coat pattern, showcasing both the unique trait and charming appearance.
  5. Enhanced Agility: While polydactylism doesn’t hinder a Tuxedo cat’s mobility, the extra toes can provide enhanced dexterity and balance. Some believe that these additional digits offer cats an advantage in climbing and hunting due to their broader paw surface.
  6. Genetic Variations: Polydactylism in cats is a genetic trait that can occur randomly or be passed down through generations. Although not exclusive to Tuxedo cats, the combination of the extra toes and their striking coat pattern makes polydactyl Tuxies particularly captivating.
  7. Loved and Cherished: Polydactyl Tuxedo cats, with their unique appearance and charming personality, capture the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide. Their endearing trait, coupled with the classic elegance of their black-and-white coat, adds to their allure and popularity among cat lovers.


tuxedo cat quote

Some Tuxedo Cat sayings:

    1. Tuxedo cats are the masters of contrast: they can blend in or stand out, depending on their mood.
    2. Tuxedo cats are the guardians of the night: they have keen senses, stealth, and courage.
    3. Tuxedo cats are the perfect balance of yin and yang: they have both light and dark, calm and playful, gentle and fierce.
    4. Tuxedo cats are not just cats; they are works of art.
    5. Tuxedo cats have a secret power: they can make anyone smile with their charm and grace.
    6. Tuxedo cats are the best companions: they are loyal, smart, and fun.
    7. Tuxedo cats are the epitome of cool: they don’t need to impress anyone, they just are.
    8. A tuxedo cat always knows how to dress for any occasion.
    9. Tuxedo cats are the James Bonds of the feline world: elegant, sophisticated, and stylish.
    10. Tuxedo cats have a way of looking at you that makes you feel like the most important person in the world.
    11. Tuxedo cats are like black and white movies: classic, elegant, and timeless.

Famous Tuxie lovers

Winston Churchill: The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was known for his fondness for cats, including Tuxedo cats.

Marie Antoinette: The last queen of France was known to be a cat lover and had several cats in her possession. Paintings and historical references depict her with cats, some resembling Tuxedo cats.

Mark Twain: The renowned American writer was a cat enthusiast and reportedly owned a Tuxedo cat among his various feline companions.

Freddie Mercury: The lead vocalist of the band Queen was known for his love of cats and had several feline companions.

U.S. President Bill Clinton’s cat Socks was a famous tuxie in the White House.

Félicette: Félicette, also known as “Astrocat,” was the first cat to travel to space in 1963. She contributed to scientific research in France’s space program, becoming a symbol of feline achievement in space exploration.

These days, you’ll find some amazing tuxies on Instagram using the hashtag #tuxedocat or #tuxie.


national tuxedo cat day quote


It’s no secret that I adore older cats and since November is Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month, I wanted to feature Zeke who turned 19 recently. He is the epitome of a Tuxie. He lives happily with Jill Rose, a well known pet sitter in Southern California. Jackson Galaxy was his cat dad for several years. Wizard of Oz is Jill’s favorite movie. Zeke was named after one of the farmhands who becomes the cowardly lion.

Jill says, “Zeke has a BIG personality! He was a dumpster cat so he has always broken into any food – pet or human- that you left out. When he was a kitten he stole a pork chop right out of the pan off the stove when I was cooking it and then tried to fight me for it when I went to get it back!

He’s always been the tough guy on the block so our dogs who are 35 pounds and 75 pounds are pretty much afraid of him! If he is standing in a doorway they will not pass! (In younger years he used to chase Jackson’s cats down and pin them til they peed and pooped themselves out of fear!) He’s been an indoor only cat all his life. He turned 19 this week. He is not a lap cat but he will come sit next to me and always puts his paw on my hand. He is very social and has never been shy with people.’


zeke senior tuxedo cat

To end our celebration, may I suggest shopping at our non-profit shop, Meow Magic. Click on the image for a secret access to the shop. It’s mostly stuff I’ve designed for black cat lovers but I’ll be adding more Tuxie designs too. Do you know any Tuxedo Cats?

meow Magic cyber Monday sale


  • Patricia Schubert

    I just adopted a 3 month old tuxedo named Buoy-called Boo at times. Love him but he so active-even after I play with him for half hour-and does zoomies off all the furniture in my apartment. Crazy-only had older cats recently.

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      congrats on your new kitten. I hope he’s settling in but please know, he will be kittenish for over a year. Keep playing with him at least twice a day and consider leash training him for outdoor play.

  • meowmeowmans

    SorryI’m just getting here now, Layla. Things have been a bit crazy all around (but we are generally okay!). I love this post so much, and wanted to thank you for posting about our awesome and adoptable pal Cricket. We spent a good chunk of time with her this afternoon, and she is a sweet and loving kitty. I hope she finds her happily ever afetr real soon. Hugs to you and the crew, dear friend!

  • Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

    Oh wow this was FABULOUS! I fell in love with Tuxies after I first laid eyes on “Mr.Puddy”…….normally I’m a tabby girl but I have often thought that I would LOVE to have a Tuxie (and a Ginger!!!) Probably getting too old for any of that so I will have to enjoy yours from afar. I learned so much from this post, I never knew all of those fun facts about Tuxies!!!

  • Memories of Eric and Flynn

    My first cat before I was married was a tuxie. He was called Patch and got me in a lot of trouble because he would insist on pooping in the fireplace in my bedroom. We didn’t know anything about litter boxes back then. I had to get it cleaned up and creep quietly out without my mum knowing. He came home one day with a badly damaged eye and had to have it removed. He really was a Patch then! We never knew what happened, maybe kicked by a cow or a horse.

    • Layla Wilde

      Patches sounded like a very special cat. Before cat litter was invented people used ashes. Otto discovered ours the other day so a little training is in the works.

  • Andrea

    I think it’s about time we had a Brown Tabby Day because they are the most common color to show up in shelters around here. It’s so easy to over look them, it’s hard to get them adopted. I’ve had a few in my day.

    I’ve also had many tuxedo cats, some were the traditional black & white, but I’ve also had blue and whites, and tri-colored tuxedo cats. I think they are every bit as tuxedo as the B&Ws.

    Congratulations on your addition, if I haven’t said so before. I knew there would be another cat in your future.

  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Wow, Otto, a special day just for you and your ‘cousins’!

    And yes, Tuxies are always special!

    When I used to walk MJF there was a very friendly tuxie who would say hello to us and any other dog, he was not afraid of strangers or dogs.
    Never saw him with other kitties, though…don’t even know what his name was, LOL!! I just called him Mr Tux!

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