If You Snooze You Lose

if you snooze you lose-quote-cute-cat

Everyone who attended Domino’s birthday party (by leaving a comment) were entered in a contest to win a grab bag of treats, toys and other goodies. Two winners were selected. Congratulations Laurie (and the girls) and Glogirly & Katie! Look for an email from Layla.

News & mews

  • If you snooze, you lose so stay tuned for our very special giveaway next Sunday to win an autographed copy of Cat Daddy by the cat daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy!
  •  We’ve designed some cute new products including items for cat moms and cat daddies at our online shop. More coming this week! See the “shop tab” at the top of our page. If you think one of our images would look good on a product, let us know and we might add it.
  •  We’re also planning a separate online gallery for a curated collection of our photographs for purchase as greeting cards and fine art prints in a variety of sizes.

Happy Sunday! Okay you can go back to snoozing now …

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8 thoughts on “If You Snooze You Lose

  1. Oh My COD!!! Do you know I’ve NEVER won a drawing ever???!!! I’m so excited…sprinting around the townhouse, twirling on the steps! : )
    Thanks Layla and all the Cat Wisdom 101 kitties!!!
    xoxo Katie

  2. Congratulations Laurie (and the girls) and Glogirly & Katie!
    MoMo we truly hope all is well with you all now!
    World Peace = More Naps!!!
    Can’t wait for the Cat Daddy review.This is such a cool site fur catz and their peoplez too!
    Luvz to all Skeeter and Izzy >^%^< our crazy for Jackson Galaxy eyes…

  3. No way! I WILL snooze!!!
    Your bellies are so cute.

    Thankyou for your purrs and kind thought during my recent illness, SS and I really appreciate them.

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