How A Formerly Feral Cat Celebrates His Birthday

We’re celebrating Domino’s 8th birthday today but it’s really the first time he’s getting a proper birthday party. This time last year he was still feral, living on our porch and limping with a bad abscess. A year later, he’s made a full recovery and made a big leap to cushy lap cat status. He enjoys goose down duvets and central heating, but somehow I don’t think he’s big on parties unless there’s food involved. I doubt he’d like pretty cards but just in case…


birthday-party- garden-cats-cat wisdom 101

birthday-cats-garden-cat wisdom 101

birthday-cats-odin-domino-cat wisdom 101

birthday-domino-cat-cat wisdom 101

For many years Domino had no friends. He didn’t know how to meow or how to play. Gradually he found his voice and mournfully called out for someone to play with. He frightened Merlin at first with his wild ways. It wasn’t until Odin arrived that he found his first real friend. And now he has many friends like you, all over the world. We apologize if we didn’t get your photo up. Some got lost or I ran out of enough time or space but please enjoy the “all you can eat” catnip cake and caviar buffet! If you leave a comment, we’ll select two friends to win two gift boxes of goodies. Because everyone needs a friend. Plus we have another of our usual super Wednesday giveaways tomorrow!

It’s Austin’s 5th birthday today! Go visit and say hi to our dear friend Austin from across the pond at CATachresis

cats-birthday-cat wisdom 101Feline friends of every stripe arrived from all over the globe!

birthday-cat wisdom 101-cats birthday-cats-cat wisdom 101

A special shout out to our friend Tamar of I Have Cat is celebrating 20,000! fans on Facebook. Petie is her special boy.

Our birthday boy is thrilled with his new life. Thank-you for visiting & for loving cats! What does a cat who has everything, wish for on his birthday?

cat-domino-birthday-cat wisdom 101-cute

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41 thoughts on “How A Formerly Feral Cat Celebrates His Birthday

  1. Oh my! We can’t believe we missed this (especially after we tried several times to email pix)! We are so sorry! We’re sure Domino had a purrfectly lovely day. We were having modem issues, and the whole week has been one big ugly catch up. Happy belated Birthday & we’ll shed in the mom’s face later for this faux pas and embarrassment.

  2. Sorry we’re late wishing happy birthday ~ but truth is we’re not blogging much at the moment ~ and mom is trying not to feel guilty about it. We may not go back to blogging other than one post every now and again ~ and we aren’t making regular comments either for the same reason. We will understand if this means you don’t visit us.

  3. Domino has crashed under the couch but wanted to thank everyone for stopping by with your good wishes. He said it was his best birthday eveh! There’s lots of leftovers for any stragglers or late arrivals, so enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Domino!!! Your story touched our hearts…even my tiny, crusty kitty heart.
    ; )
    We are so happy you found a forever family to be a part of. You are forever-loved!
    We LOVED the cool collages of all your furriends!!!! So clever and so fun! Thanks for including my picture!
    xoxo Katie

  5. Domino we are so glad to be celebrating a very happy purrday with you, and you are so right … without friends it just isn’t as much fun. Aren’t you glad that you came in from out of the cold? We know we are. We feel so honored to count you amongst our friends.

  6. Its finally here!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINO!!!!!WE LUV YOU!!!!! We hope you had a wonderful day and a fancatstic pawty!!!!!! Hopefully no hangovers from Niptinis and Cataritas….
    Thank you Layla,Merlin,Gris Gris and Odin for throwing Domino such a wonderful PAWTY!!!! All our Luvs and Bestest Wishes..
    Skeeter and Izzy and Mom too >^!!^< PAWTY EYES FUR SURE

  7. Happy Birthday, Domino! We are so happy you have so many friends now. 🙂

    We are so glad to be here to help you celebrate your special day.


    Sammy and Moosey (and mom and dad, too!)

  8. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I’m so glad you’re an inside cat, and you’re safe and warm. I’ll be sure to share your cake with my cats Molly & Star – it’s their birthday, too!

  9. Happy Birthday Dom-boy! We’d love to be with you, but the distance is just too far. We’ll be with you in spirit and do our best to get the old boy to fork up some treats for us to celebrate with you. Love ya, Dom. D-2, Jonquil and Emily.

  10. Happy birthday, big guy! Glad you “came in from the cold” and hope you have lots more years to celebrate! ~Bernadette, Kelly, Mimi and the Fantastic Four

  11. Binky, Scooter, Salem and Chloe want to wish Domino a very Happy Birthday!! We hope you get lots of treats and loving.

  12. Domino, we’re roaring out a rousing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! What fun to be able to celebrate with you, special boy.
    Lots of love from your pals at the Katnip Lounge

  13. Happy birthday, Domino! You have a wonderful life now, and we’re glad you’re able to celebrate your special day. Here’s to many more birthday celebrations to come!

  14. From the desk of:
    Moggie Offspitz, Agent to the Stars

    On behalf of Bugs and sidekick Fang, I am authorized to wish Domino a very happy birthday. As the pair I represent are currently on a Caribbean island the precise location I am not authorized to disclose, learning Bugs’s lines for the next episode of REAL HO– — — USECATS OF THE BLOGOSPHERE, they could regretfully not get a connection in time to attend the festivities.

    Bugs is very pleased to hear of Dom’s accommodation to domestic life. He feels, however, he must caution against the wish for opposable thumbs. This is carrying domesticity too far, in his view. It is the better side of caution and valor to stick to the talons of terror and jaws of doom and mayhem. These have been evolutionarily tried and true. Just look around. Opposable thumbs can only lead to tears.

    Of which there should be none whatsoever on Domino’s special day.

    Bugs further trusts that the festivities will not get out of paw. He knows the chaperones will step in — although he advises special attention to Austin’s propensities where abusable substances are within reach.

    That said, everybody should enjoy themselves tails up totally.

    Kind regards,

    /s/ MO for Bugs and Fang

  15. Happy Birthday Domino!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!! Wow we made a special photo too, sorry it got lost…but we are happy that you still had me visit your party!

    Love, Cody

  16. This truly is an occassion to celebrate! Happy Birthday Domino and we are so thrilled that you have finally found it in your heart to allow yourself to feel safe, loved, and content!
    Meows and extra-special purrs from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz. Love also from the humans, Deb and Dan.

  17. Have a great birthday, wish we were there. we’re watching the sun come up in sunny Florida & getting ready for our morning naps.

  18. Happy birthday, Domino!! Wow it’s a great party. My Goro and Niko are very happy to be part of your birthday party and having fun 🙂
    How wonderful Domino found the way to meow and got friends. Hopefully he will get opposable thumbs next year. Hehe.
    We wish you the wonderful day today!!

  19. Hey buddy! Happy Birthday 🙂 Great party!! We think it’s so lovely that Domino has at last allowed himself to settle, make friends and throw a shindig like this 🙂 Result!

    Austin is a tad overnipped, but he says “Hic” very sweetly xox

    PS Love the collage xx

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINO!! I hope mewz birthday is CATabulous and full of yummy noms and fun with all of those who loves mew. I’m so glad mew have found a wonderful home and family to loves, protect, care, and honor mew in the manner mew deserve. No one likes being alone all the time, everyone needs love, and mew have come such a long way! This is more than just a birthday- it’s a celebration of mewz courage, determination, and strength to survive and for the victory mewz family had in winning mewz trust and love. THIS IS PAWSOME!! *does happy dance, waves paws in the air* My Mom and I wish mew the best and thank mew for sharing mewz special day with us. Purrs, nosie nuzzles, and head bonks to mew sweet furiend, I loves mew! <3<3<3 Mewmew! *runs over to bar for a Niptini, then wanders over to enjoy Albacore steaks and caviar with Odin, Merlin, Gris Gris. They all giggle watching as Domino and Mama Layla break in to the 'Electric Slide' on the dance floor!*

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