Kindness Adds Up

It’s Mondays with Merlin, or Professor Merlin, your math teacher. Today’s lesson is easy and simple. Do something nice. Be kind to 6 people (friends, family, strangers in person or online). Tell them to pass it on. Those 6 turns into 36, then those 36 turns into 216 and so on and so on. It can be a small and simple as saying thank-you, share a cookie and a smile, do a favor, unasked, give a compliment…it all adds up! Class dismissed. I have some tasty business to attend to. Find out what my favorite animal advocate, Betty White who turned 90 this year, wants for her birthday

monday-merlin-kindness-catIt’s officially Be Kind to Animals Week too! For more on being kind to animals visit the Humane Society

14 thoughts on “Kindness Adds Up”

  1. Me and Austin say “Be kind to animals (and people) every week!” 🙂

    It doesn’t hurt to be kind
    It doesn’t hurt to smile
    It doesn’t hurt, so I don’t mind
    To go the extra mile!

    Sorry, it’s late and I am about to fall asleep lol xox

  2. Yes Master Merlin!! Every day is a be kind day for us! Mom smiles at folks,holds a door,speaks to a stranger,offers to help someone if their arms are full etc. and there are 52 Be Kind to Animals weeks at our house too! Luvs and purrs to all Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  3. *HIGH* Layla! All Hail *Merlin the Magnificent* I love the grizzled muzzle.
    Also, please give Domino my fondest regards. OX

  4. It always makes me a little sad that there is a need for “Be King to Animals Week” – in an ideal world, nobody would have to be reminded by a national campaign to be kind to animals every day.

    I LOVE this photo of Merlin!

  5. Professor Merlin, it was an excellent class! I love this kind of math. And I love your cute cute tongue, too 🙂 Have a wonderful week!!

  6. Dear Prof Merlin,
    Six you said? Easy peasy in this household of five tabbies and one tuxie, I must say. Good advice, my fellow academic. purrr….meow!

    Prof Dr Angelina

  7. Did you know this week is Be Kind to Animals Week, or is it just a coincidence? I posted about it… but you know my take on it has its own Sparkle-type spin!

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