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Feline Fiesta! Cinco de Meow O

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Hola! It’s Cinco de Mayo or as we call it Cinco de Meow o and we’re in the mood to party. This is a nostalgic blast from the past.

cinco de mayo-cat-art

Gris Gris loves to keep us company in the garden and revels in the growing heat. He slept with me once this week and that’s always a reason to celebrate.

some like it hot-cat-art













Our vet visited last week and we waited nervously for the test results. Gris Gris it turns out has hyperthroidism and not kidney disease. It’s treatable and we are exploring options. Merlin has lost a couple ounces but is doing as well as an old blind boy with periodontal issues can be. He’s is fine spirits and for the first time in ages, walked with his tail straight. This was shocking to see since he normally keeps it low as a rudder for balance.

cinco de mayo-fiesta-cats














Domino is a calm and confident gourmand who needs to slim down. Then again, he’s a hefty former feral and a Taurus.

snowshoe cat Domino

Domino has taken over the old loveseat in my dressing room as his early afternoon nap spot and moves over the west facing kitty dining room for late afternoon naps. I assures him to be first in line for dinner. With his growing confidence is dominance. He’ll take swipes at the others (claws retracted) when he wants to hog primo sleeping spots. One, stern no! and he knows he’s gone too far.

The real trouble maker, as usual is Odin. He pushed a bowl and shattered a glass off a dresser, caught four voles, two were saved, but the icing on his naughty cake was the fledgling crow. One morning in bed, I heard a loud cacophony of agitated crows outside the window. Then hubby screaming, “Let it go!”. He’d let Odin outside and before you could say Edgar Allen Poe, waltzed inside with a baby crow softly in his mouth. He wisely dropped his prize which flew to the safety of his crow parents. Oh, and he figured out how to jump on top of a high armoire where a catnip container was hidden and nearly unscrewed the lid. I’m convinced he is one step away from opposable thumbs.

He constantly needs more mental challenges to satisfy is hyper-intelligent brain. Regular interactive play is not enough for him. When the weather is good, we run around outside like herding dogs, do agility jumping and climbing and I try to tire him out. It usually works and he naps like a baby afterward. This week, it rained and we stayed indoors more and that mean more trouble. Thank goodness he burns off excess energy wrestling with Domino most evenings. He visits me several times during the night for undercover snuggles with power kneading and purring.



















Me Naughty? Oh noes… Know any naughty kitties?


  • Oui Oui

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo! He may be a handful, but Odin still very young. Just think, he’ll calm down in a couple years. Oui Oui was like that too. She was way too busy to be petted for long, but now she enjoys a good, long scratchin’.

  • meowmeowmans

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, dear friends! We’re glad Gris Gris can be treated. Sammy has hyperthyroidism, and we give him a pill 2X/day. He doesn’t mind, and we’ve been doing it for about 2 years now.

  • Brian

    Happy Cinco Sinko to you too! I am glad Gris Gris can be treated effectively and we send lots of purrs. I am glad everyone else is going good!

  • Katnip Lounge

    Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Katnip Lounge Krew! Odin sounds a lot like The Baby…it’s amazing how SMART cats are. More than some people, I swear. Have you thought about agility training for him as a way to burn off steam?

    • boomermuse

      We do our own version agility training which helps burn off excess energy. He gets a little more crazy just before the full moon.

  • Marg

    I had a cat with hyperthyroidism for about five years and I just gave her a pill twice a day and she was fine. So Gris Gris should be just fine. Odin, just explain to your Mom that you are still a kitten and just need to play outside more. You will calm down in a while. Take care.

  • Caren Gittleman

    I am lovin’ Odin!! He is just too intelligent for his own good. If I were a cat I would be Domino (except for the “calm” part lol)….sending healing purrs for Gris Gris and yes that is great that it can be treated. Oh and I would love a some nachos please!

  • Kathy Thompson

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!
    The super smart ones are always the mischief makers and usually the ones that wind up testing the ol’ nine lives theory to the max. We are glad that each one is arriving at a good spot in their life even tho there are health issues, Gris Gris’s are treatable and thankfully Merlin’s seem to be in a holding pattern for now. I know you are thankful for each day that you are allowed to share with them all.
    Have a couple of Cataritas for us when you have the fiesta!
    Mucho grande ronroneas from the dos gatos banda! >^cc^< fiesta eyes…

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    I am sorry to hear about Gris Gris and the hyperthroidism diagnosis, but thank goodness it is treatable. I love seeing Merlin’s tail high up like that – when we take the kitties out for their weekend jaunt, it’s like a flagship of high tails!!

    We also had a shattered glass experience this week – did Odin perhaps pop by to visit us in the wee hours of the morning?! Luckily no paws stepped in any glass, but it sure did stop my heart with worry for a bit.

  • Ingrid King

    I’m sorry to hear about Gris Gris’ diagnosis. Good to see Merlin with his tail up in the air. I marvel each time I see a photo of the “new” Domino at how much his face has changed from his feral days: he looks so much more relaxed. Never a dull moment with Odin, huh? Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you!

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