Domino The Snowshoe Cat Turns 72

former feral birthday

Happy birthday Domino. I hope your enjoy your salmon mousse mouse cake. You don’t look a day over 70 🙂

Domino Cat Turns 72

Thanks for making me feel ancient, Clyde. Sheeesh those humans can’t leave well enough alone. Oh, nooooo you they to make us cats more human in your age charts. And no one except my mother knows my birthday. Layla estimated I was close to a year old in late spring @May 1 so that’s I guess my Gotcha Day too.

A year is a year is a year. Got it? I’m only 14! So don’t give me that Domino cat turns 72 nonsense.

Sorry, but aren’t you a crabby old mancat. Be glad you’re not 17 like me. Anyway, old sport, your buddy Odin is here and your frequent sleeping partner NouNou would like to wish you…

She is not my sleeping partner. Can I help it if she suddenly likes older men. She sleeps a good two feet away.

Lighten up bro, spring is here. The garden is alive with delicious creatures and a smorgasbord of lush green goodness. And since you’re 14 and maybe 72, you get two birthday wishes.

Odin, that’s nice but I don’t want to make any wishes. Don’t you remember I hate birthdays since my feral days?

former feral birthday

Domino darling, I wish you’d want to cuddle with me.

Oh, Nou Nou, in your dreams. I know it’s Beltane and the festival of fire and fertility but I’m too old for you and anyway you’re spayed.

A word from the human. If you’re a recent reader of this blog, you may want read about the wild and crazy life Domino led including living outdoors on our property for seven years. He’s a devoted daddy’s boy making biscuits every evening but this is his Rescue Story 

Gradually he settled into domestic life including birthdays but not really. Here are a few.

former feral birthday

former feral birthday

former feral Birthday

Domino, so do you have any wishes?

No, not really. But I do wish Merlin was here like the good days. Oh, and I wish humans would stop being assholes and be kinder to all living things.

33 thoughts on “Domino The Snowshoe Cat Turns 72”

  1. Purrs and Meows for a Happy Belated Birthday!
    We see you had a furbulous time with your furmily and peeps. May you have many more of these birthday catabrations!

  2. Don’t like birthdays? Wishing you Happy Everyday, dear Domino…. blue skies, interesting critters rustling in the bushes, yummy foods, and lots of pets from your people.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  3. Happy Birthday Domino! Here we make up dates too for the ferals we have taken in. It is rather willynilly though.. Sometimes it is the day they show up if we notice or the day they let us finally touch them. Or if they come inside, thats the day kinda like you.
    I dont know what your deal is with Nou Nou, you know she likes you , just wants to hang with ya. Be glad she likes your crabbiness !
    I agree about your wish about Merlin, luckily Clyde is there and he is pretty wise. Perhaps you can have some treats and think of old times. Seventy two isnt anything but a number.

  4. Happy Birthday Domino you rugged, good looking XFeral guy!
    We hope you you have a great one even tho you say you don’t do birthdays.
    We love you dude!!!!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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