The Punderful World of Cats
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The Punderful World Of Cats

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

The Punderful World Of Cats is a whimsical series of pun-filled kitty illustrations by Katie Ruby Miller . They are so magical and yet relatable, I can envision them on t-shirts and other merch for cat lovers of any age from 2 to 92. It’s always a thrill to discover and then share something as enchanting as this art work. Tell us in a comment which ones you like best.

The Punderful World of Cats

Katie Ruby, a U.K. based artist/designer gathers inspurration from pop culture, film, TV, books, music and artists and guaranteed to brings smiles. For those of us immersed in catspeak where perfect becomes purrfect, the cat puns are delightfully purrfect. When I discovered Katie’s brilliant work months ago, I had to reach out and we’ve developed a simpatico email friendship. I encourage supporting indie artists. The most talented artists are often shy and deserve nurturing especially since our culture thrives on the latest viral video and in your face marketing, leaving the less pushy creatives in the dust.

Only a true cat lover could create a fantasy kitty punderland as Katie. She lived for a time with two cats on a narrow boat (a river barge houseboat) and began the funny punny cat series The Punderful World of Cats as a break from her day job at a greeting card company.

Now a freelance illustrator at age 29, Katie is working on new projects including a Cativity book. It’s part coloring book, part kitty activity book and 100% amazing. It’s available in a very limited edition at Katies beyond adorable website. So, poke around to see more punderful work or order the fresh off the press Cativity Book My copy is winging its way across the pond and if you want it, tell me and I just might send it to you. If you happen to need some graphic design work for your blog or business, she’s your gal. See a few of her non-cat illustrations of her portfolio

All the cat illustrations regardless of gender are based on a character named Furgus, a gender bender with a large “M” meow head. If he were an actor, he’d be a shoe-in for a Bafta or Oscar. Let’s see some of his starring roles, shall we?


Katie Ruby Illustration_literary_cats

For those who enjoy cats with a literary bent. Her latest one is William Shakespurr as Macbeth but the ink is still wet. You can see it on Instagram @KatieRubyIllustration Ditto her very first gif version based on the Powerpuff Girls.

From legendary artists to legends, there is a pun for all.

the punderful world of cats



live long and pawspurr

With imagination and passion, cats teach us that…




Check out Katie Ruby’s charming website, follow her on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news and artwork. All illustrations are copyright and published with permission.


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