Vintage Cat Buttons Are The Cat’s Meow


It’s your Mancat Monday host Clyde here with an old-fashioned romp from distant cat relatives to wild antique cat buttons. Vintage Cat Buttons Are The Cat’s Meow.

Yes, pop culture kitties go way back to the weird, quirky and meowvelous. Long before Buzzfeed and viral cat videos, we had photos. Not Instagram photos but real ones like this one of my relatives in the U.K.  Poor chap being made to earn his supper but just like me not being cooperative. I will never do tricks and goodness knows I’m never ready and available for my close-up. How do you like my new photo? Layla says I look cute as a button.

Anyway, the photo dates from about the time our featured buttons were created. It just goes to show you feline adoration and feline snubbing is nothing new.

victorian cat man with cat

Can you believe this work of art is a button?



Layla collects vintage kitty ephemera and has always been obsessed with buttons. They don’t make them like they used to and I wish someone would make updated versions. Collecting antique buttons from Victorian and Edwardian eras to vintage mid century is an affordable way to start a collection. Many cat buttons are under $20 but rare ones can cost hundreds. If you’re interested in buttons, a valuable resource is the National Button Society


Like to find your own purrfect collectible buttons?  Here are a few resources to purrchase EBay for vintage buttons. If you’re in the mood for shopping bargains EBay Daily Deals is our suggestion.

Please note this website uses affliate links. Should you make a purchase, we would receive a small commission to help pay for our ongoing pricey vet and cat care.

My favorite collectible  isn’t a button but a coin. Imagine how ahead their time they were in 1896! I have no idea what position the cat was running for but I’d vote for him, wouldn’t you?


I’ve been busy perusing a few new cat books and shared a fun video thingy (on Instagram and Facebook)about the new Cativity book from the Punderful World of Cats illustrator Katie Ruby. I’m supposed to be helping Layla with the endless revisions of our book but that would be far too much work. I’m miffed that she’s actually added more cats and hasn’t added me yet! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she does or else.

30 thoughts on “Vintage Cat Buttons Are The Cat’s Meow”

  1. Oh my mouses those are cute! Peep #1 would not be a good button collecter, though. She’s more of a button loser, if you know what I mean. Can’t TELL you how many times she has lost a button a jacket or whatever and no, she did it all without any help from me. Hehehe… PURRS.

  2. love them… and we even have one ;o) it’s just a little bit vintage, but we love it. it shows felix the cat and we wore it to honor Felix the cat of my bff…

  3. Very cool buttons. I like the one in the second row on the end- nice one! I know several ‘button’ ladies as I am a quilter and our paths have crossed many times. I do not think I have even seen any vintage cat buttons. Perhaps it is time to ask about them.

    Clyde you are dapper as always!

  4. Wow those buttons are beautiful. So much detail! Yes you are cute as a button, Clyde 🙂 Love that coin. Kitty would make a great president, no doubt!

  5. Those buttons are furry pawsome indeed!
    And the coin, OMC!!! Go figure:)

    Have a great week! And try doing some tricks, Clyde, it makes the peeps smile…a lot!

  6. dood…what a awesum post two day…thanx for sharin…we like de button middle top; that kitteh haz cat a tood !!!! hope everee onez doin soooper grate ! 🙂 ♥♥

  7. Wow. Love those buttons.

    And yeah, I’d DEFINITELY vote for a cat for Prez.

    I mean, they already are. Prez, King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

    Mao is the king and Cheddar is …well, he’s a girlie boy.

  8. Luv, Luv the buttons! Everything Kitty is so cool! We will have to start looking for these at flea markets etc.
    Clyde we absolutely adore you in the Pince- Nez glasses! You look so Avant-garde my dear. So sophisticated and dashing!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang +Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  9. I’m surprised my human never considered collecting kitty buttons – these look really awesome, and she loves vintage things.
    BTW, I actually enjoy doing tricks and posing for the camera! You should try it sometime!

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