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Cyber Week Better than Black Friday?

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Cyber Week Better than Black Friday?

by Layla Morgan Wilde. Cat Wisdom 101. If you see this posted anywhere other than Cat Wisdom 101, it’s been scraped or stolen.

let's get lit cat art prints

Are you as tired as I am being bombarded by holiday sales: Cyber Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, you name it. It’s relentless buy, buy, buy. Does anyone actually get a luxury car for Christmas as TV commercials allude to?! Hello, not in my neighborhood and it’s an affluent one.

I like a bargain and I shop for Christmas all year round, at home in the comfort of my jammies and a nearby cat. It boggles my mind how anyone braves the elements to swarm a store seeking bargains. If this is you, please comment.

Black Friday came early this year with pre-sales just about everywhere. Cyber Monday has morphed in Cyber week and well, it’s all sales all the time. What does this mean for you here?

This is a blog about cats for cat lovers known for honest reviews since 2011. I’ll pop up my other favorite gift ideas on Monday but today, I have to promote my nonprofit shop MEOW MAGIC. The profit margin is low but I donate what I can to animal rescue in Ukraine. Check out the Purr For Peace Ukraine Collection

With winter coming and people coping with no electricity or heat in most area, pets are suffering more than ever. Honestly, when I see photos of rescued cats in dire condition (and these are the lucky ones), I shut down. I do what I can and that means selling stuff in order to donate funds.


meow magic shop sale

My favorite design is a black sweatshirt La, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you… or I can’t even. It’s when you’ve had enough and shut the world out. Cats know how to so it naturally. The design was created for us but renowned artist Megan Lynn Kott and is available in a number of products.

There are lots of new and older but purrfect designs and products. While most of the designs are geared for black cat lovers, many are not. Never mind the featured products. You have to use the drop down menu to search. So many delights to uncover! With a huge variety, you’ll find the purrfect gift, guaranteed.

If you like ugly Christmas sweaters, how about a luxury premium hoodie, like the one below, a sweatshirt or long-sleeved T-shirt for a Meowy Christmas?

meowy christmas hoodies

cat lover christmas sweatshirt

meow magic mugs for cat lovers

Do you have a favorite mug or two?

I like a different one depending on the season, time of day and what kind of coffee or tea I’m drinking.

There are 38 different designs. These are my latest mug designs

fa lalala mug with black cats

All the unique wall art is on sale at crazy low prices.

including a Christmas themed one. The poster could be the ultimate Christmas Card! Go beyond red or green to think pink!

meow magic cat wall art sale

Thanks for reading, browsing the shop, buying and supporting in any way you can. I appreciate you!

xo, Layla


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