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Magical Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers Only

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Magical Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers Only by Layla Morgan Wilde

Whaaaa? A Cat Wisdom 101 Gift Guide for cat lovers and not cats? Yes, but here’s why. It was a crappy year for so many that cats got more than their fair share of attention with their folks working from home. Chances are they got more treats and toys, but what about us humans? So, this gift guide is for you dear friend, reader and cat lover. It’s a very personal and chatty review. Happy perusing. There is something for everyone on your list.

I made my first animated cover with a letter to you inside.

Warning: there are some odd choices but it was important for me to share stuff I actually use and like. Also, I did include at the last minute, a new cat toy because I LOVE it and Odin does too!

The gift guide is partially sponsored not that it makes any difference to my opinion. To make life easier for me and easier for you to shop, there are Amazon affiliate links to some of the items. Okay, legalities out of the way, let’s go!

Let’s start with paper goods. They are one of the safest and easiest gift giving choices. I can’t wait to flip to 2022.


Most people use digital calendars but I also use all kinds of paper calendars. I like the visual art or photos and the ability to tear pages off, doodle on, circle dates and so on. This year I enjoyed wall calendars big and small, page-a-day desk size and of course they all contained cats. Naturally, in 2022, I welcome more of the same.

You can never go wrong with a cat calendar as gift as long as the recipient likes cats. Cuteness and humor are a safe bet like Catnip or Kittens and I love seeing a different cat photo every single day like this. Of course there are no real BAD CATS but…

There is a satisfying sense of completing a day by tearing it off as in the page-a-day calendars but why stop there, a trivia page-a-day has a pleasing rrrrriiiiiip sound every time you tear and you’ll learn something new about cats. Fun for holiday parties or family game night!

How can you have a crappy day looking at this on the wall? It’s no wonder it’s the world’s MOST FAMOUS CALENDAR.

Kudos to Workman for always publishing perennial favorites. Cute Kitten 365 days of the year? Catnip kitties? Yes, please!

A hundred ways to say THANK YOU

Of all the products sent to me by PR agencies over the years, most arrive without a note. But when I get a handwritten note, it’s special. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten card. I’ve always loved snail mail. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail? Our lives are lived so much in the cloud, it’s a peculiar joy to send cards or letters but postcards are the easiest. The CAT BOX features 100 postcards by 10 different artists so there is never an excuse to pop off a quick a thank you, congrats, love note or birthday greeting. It’s civilized and always appreciated. (There is a Dog Box too).

CAT books are in the bag!

Get your kitty stickers here!

Small cute, funny, illustrated gifty books are a safe bet. For anything else you have to know the recipient. It could be as niche as cat cozies, coffee table pictorials, memoirs, advice and cat care or black cats, like my book.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Dalai Lama’s Cat series since day one. Author David Michie is a Buddhist meditation teacher, corporate communications consultant, mindful safari travel guide and a versatile writer in several genres. (David kindly wrote the preface for my book). He sent me the manuscript months before publication and I offered feedback on cover designs. This cover was the unanimous choice. After his fourth book in the series, everyone thought it was the end, but there is a NEW book, out now. Awaken The Kitten Within is kittenish joy wrapped in wisdom. Enjoy it this holiday season!

I can’t wait for this one. It’s in pre-orders and out this spring. I love anything Japanese cat culture. With a publication date closer to Christmas, you might get it in time if you order today. Supernatural Cats of Japan sounds fascinating.

Run out of time and need a last minute gift book? Buy an e-book. Don’t like Amazon? You can get mine or others securely on Gumroad


Buy THE FUTURE IS FELINE now as a canvas or poster

Since the pandemic upended life as we know it, more and more people are turning to tarot and oracle deck for direction, insights and spiritual growth. As a professional reader, I’ve amassed an eclectic collection over the years. The popularity of tarot keeps growing. I recently interviewed Linzi Silverman, the author/artist of a beautiful new deck, The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot and recommend it. Curiously enough, I’ve found no cat tarot decks I resonate with regardless of the artist’s skill. Publisher’s have sent me a number of cat decks but something feels missing. The issue for me is that many deck illustrators aren’t professional tarot readers and that impacts the soul of the deck.

Nou Nou enjoying some crystal therapy while contemplating her Goddess potential.

If interested in giving the gift of insight, I’d explore decks online or better yet in person for a deck that speaks to you. It’s a highly subjective choice. For anyone who doesn’t want learn the complexities of tarot, I’d explore oracle deck instead. For buying a gift, I’d choose from their interests. There are decks for every conceivable theme or style. If you do want a cat-themed oracle deck, the exquisitely illustrated deck by Italian artist Paolo Barbieri would be my choice. He also has decks with dragons or unicorns which are magical.


Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of animal communicators on Clubhouse. We host a weekly event at my Cat Wisdom Club and a couple have worked wonders with my cat Nou Nou. In fact, I have a whole new perspective on cats in general. If you’ve ever wondered what your cat is really thinking, or how you could improve their lives, this might be the best gift ever. For someone who is grieving a pet, having confirmation from the other side is a huge comfort.BONUS: You can buy a gift last minute and there is nothing to wrap.

For Theta healing long distance and communication, I recommend my friend, the gifted Jacky Kemp in London. She is owned by the magnificent Pippy, a black cat and man cat about town.

For energy work, chakra balancing and clear communication with pets here and who have passed on, I adore Ani. She did an amazing energy clearing on Nou Nou. She has a limited time holiday special at AniAnimalIntuitive

For any species of pets especially equine, the amazing Julia is your gal. She lives on a ranch in California with a multi-species family from horses, a black cat named Monkey, parrot Roscoe and the very funny Hugo the rooster. I can personally attest to her intuitive gifts. Julia also works with people as an intuitive life coach. She does have a waiting list

Cat-themed Wearable ART. For something a little different, be magical this holiday season. Meow Magic Apparel For all Ages.

Easy Breezy OUTDOORS

Last summer was the buggiest in memory and since global warming is impacting weather, I’m taking extra precautions. Mosquitoes transmit all kinds of disease but I’m more concerned about ticks since I have Lyme. Here are my suggestions. Insect-guard products offer real protection in a wide range of clothing for the whole family. Whether you’re a gardener, hiker, mountain biker, runner or simply like going on walks with your cat or dog, it works. They have lovely camo for hunters (not that approve of hunting) but my hubby loves it for mountain-biking in the woods.

The bandanas are great for people or pets. If I go walking in the woods off a path to heavy brush I always wear tall rubber boots but a handy alternative is to wrap a bandana around each ankle. Easy peasy protection from ticks.

It’s looking very autumnal adventure ready outside my front door with my new travel companion.

Climate Change is real and our oceans are drowning in plastic. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year killing marine life in record numbers.

Please consider switching from one-use plastic bottles.

I will never travel or hike again without my Bubi bottle. When you go through airport security, they don’t allow you to take a filled water bottle but you can take a Bubi. It’s rolled up, taking little space and comes in three sizes. It’s handy to keep for your pet emergency prep kit too. This is mine. I prefer the easy to drink sports cap which is not included.

I designed a few cat themed water bottles. Take a peek at Meow Magic


I’m obsessed with blankies and my cats are too. I use them in the summer on a hammock, in cooler weather on the sofa, reading chair, folded into a cat bed, folded on human beds as a decor accent. You can never have too many.

Our latest one is a Heat-Holder from their new pet-themed collection. It has a special thermal fleece to retain heat. I expect to share it with my cats. This is bigger than a usual throw/blanket Busy Kitty Over-sized Throw/Blanket

If you want to splurge, nothing is more luxurious than a 100% pure cashmere throw blanket. With 16 color choices, you’ll find the purrfect one.

Want a unique kitty blanket you won’t see everywhere? Check out the
Nothing is cozier than a wool cat cave. Of course cats love them as a cosy hideaways but they can be used in other ways. I have different sizes and use them as part of holiday decorations by the Christmas tree. They are handy for storing cat toys or kid’s toys. I like the larger size of our new Blue Moon cat cave and love the CatCaveBeds mission of helping women in Nepal.

Okay, I had to include one toy because when I opened the cat cave box, surprise! They had added a few felted toys. The snake is too eco-friendly cool and on sale. The felted wool snakes are life-size big and killer cute. Rub a little catnip on and get ready for hilarious prey/play.

I stopped using fabric softener in the laundry a couple years ago and opted for natural felted wool dryer balls. They help save you money and the environment.

Everyone know how much cats love boxes, baskets and bags so expect this adorable kitty storage to be co-opted by the cat!

As a cat lover who wears a lot of black, cat hair is to be expected. My cats don’t shed much but cat hair has a way of sticking to many surfaces from clothes, upholstered furniture to rugs. I’ve tried everything and have happy news about a new product. Actually two products, the Pro and the Mini from UPROOTCLEAN

I was shocked how much cat hair was removed from a rug after vacuuming. Look your holiday best. The mini is small enough to keep in a handbag or car for on the go cleaning.

Obviously you’ll have less pet hair to clean, if you groom your pets. The most popular grooming tool in the world is a Hands On glove. It’s easy to use and feels more like a massage than sharp metal tools. Be sure to use the sizing guide to select the best size. I have small hands and the junior size fits.

Hello, who would like to take the turkey out of the oven with these mitts?

There you have it. This year ordering early is key to avoid disappointment. Happy shopping right meow!
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