Odin's gift choices for cat lovers

Cat’s Choice Of Holiday Gifts, Calendars, Toys, Treats

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Cat’s Choice of Time-Tested Holiday Gifts, Calendars, Toys, Treats and more!

By Layla and Odin Wilde. Cat Wisdom 101 is ad-free for your viewing pleasure. This post is not sponsored. We received a few calendars and are sharing Amazon affiliate links.

UPDATE: Our Holiday Sale at our Meow Magic Shop is extended to Dec. 10! This mini-gift guide includes a few of our time-tested favorites of Odin’s and ones you should NOT buy! Odin, the cat has 12 years experience testing and reviewing cat products at this blog so you know he must a thing or two.

Odin says, “Cats are all over social media but in real life we are analog. Don’t believe those special effects videos. We don’t have opposable thumbs. We may rule the Internet but the shocking truth is: we don’t know how to operate a computer or phone.

favorite christmas gifts for cat lovers

News Flash: We aren’t fooled for long by battery-operated toys. I’ve tried and reviewed just about every kind. Don’t bother. They are boring after a while and they break.

The only toy I still use and love since I was a kitten many years ago is the Bergan Turbo (our first giveaway for one in 2012!). It’s simple, analog and it works. It never breaks and the center scratching pads are replaceable. There are cheaper copy cats but go for the original.

What else has stood the test of time? We have a bunch of designer carriers, fancy pricey ones which are fine BUT guess which one I like best to go to the vet? Yup, a sturdy, big, old PetMate.

Odin cat vet visit carrier

If you need a new carrier, this is the best deal, not that cats care about your wallet.

We like our creature comforts like the softest places to sleep. I have lots of cozy spots and beds but I’d love to dream on cloud nine. Oh, this just landed on my wish list…mom? Please, and does the cute cat come with it?

The only thing better is to lounge and luxuriate being fed treats. I’m spoiled and have all kinds of treats, but if I had to pick just one…it’s a big container of CHURU.

On sale? Yes, purrrrrrlease.

Cats as you know don’t need to keep track of time. And isn’t every day Caturday? But you humans need to use Google calendars or other digital things but I like analog. Isn’t it nicer to look at a pretty calendar on the wall or tear off a page-a-day calendar on your desk. I can help with the ripping it up.

cat dog pet calendars

Thanks, Odin. That’s enough. I’ll take over now. I agree about having a pretty calendars you can write on and both wall calendars and page-a-day calendars. And no, not every day is Caturday.

I’m a huge fan of seeing a pretty cat every day but I also love learning a fun fact like the Trivia page-a-day calendars.

You can never go wrong with anything from Workman Publishing but when in doubt, choose their #1 best-selling 365 Cats.

Of course cats are our cup of catnip tea but if dogs are your thing or birds or squirrels, chickens, sloths oh my, there is a calendar for you!

Hubby’s favorite wall calendar last year was Cats On Cat Catnip and the 2023 edition looks even more fun. We’re thrilled a black cat is the cover girl.

cats on catnip calendar 2023

And if you missed it, check out our Cyber Week Meow Magic Shop Sale ends Dec. 1

Odin’s picks are any of the Future is Feline or Love You To The Moon & Back products like these tees for any cat lover

Love you to the moon & back-tee

That’s all folks. This is our last post about shopping or holiday gift guide for cat lovers this year. Don’t shop until you drop. The best gift to give a cat is love and vet care.


Layla and Odin


  • How to spoil your cat

    Cats realy are masters at hiding illness, so the larger predators in the jungle wouldn’t think they’re easy prey. But you know your cat is sick if they’re not playing and showing interest in things, and if they lose their appetite.

    On of my cats had acute kidney failure, and the vet gave her liquids in an IV (which she tore off and had to have it put back again) for a few days. After she came home, I was worried because she lost interest in food and seemed tired for a few weeks.

    But now she’s eating again, and I know she’s fine because she chases toys like a lunatic, hurtling them from one side of the room to the other and then bolting to catch them. She also brought home a dead mouse last week and mewed like crazy. Also went back to hissing and swatting at the other cats and biting my head in the morning because she’s hungry. So I know she’s fine. She’s acting normal now. That’s normal for her.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Lots of really cool gift ideas! We like the Cats on Catnip calendar. We have a big bunch of catnip next to our front porch that some critter (bird, opossum,skunk) planted for us and it gets bigger every year. Most of the cats really like the fresh stuff around here if only to rub in LOL.
    Our favorite toy/s are these little catnip mice that come 10 or 12 to a pack and have little string tails. They don’t cost alot and provide hours of fun! Be careful tho we have found out that they apparently like to swim because the find therir way into the water bowls like magic! MOL. There is also a mouse that we found that makes very realistic mouse sounds when you move it more tons of fun and everyone trys to steal it from everyone else!

    We are loving all of the posts!
    Thank you for sharing >^~^^..^^..^<~

  • Cat and DOG Chat With Caren

    these are great choices! One of Roary’s all time faves are those little springs they sell on Amazon. He is INSANE about them!! Also, I think I have that pet kennel (if it’s the one that opens from the top AND the front). I LOVE the ones that open on the top and the front! Cody had one and when he passed we bought Roary one of his own.

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