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Can Cats Eat Turkey & Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Can Cats Eat Turkey & Thanksgiving Gratitude by Layla Morgan Wilde.

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There is much written how cats shouldn’t eat turkey but they can, if you follow these common sense rules.

Can cats eat turkey?

can cats eat turkey- infographic

I know Odin would love a little morsel but he won’t get any this year. We’re being kind to turkeys this year. Did you know 45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving?

Odin says, “Do we have to be kind?”

“Of course not but, it’s food for thought.”

be kind-be grateful-cat quote

After so many years of blogging about Thanksgiving, I’m extra thankful for everyone who stops by and visits here. What a wild journey. Here are a few of my favorites

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gratitude quote with pumpkins

To me, Thanksgiving is not about stuffing yourself on turkey and pie. And it’s certainly not about pilgrims and peace with Indians. If you don’t know the truth, The Smithsonian unravels the myths about Thanksgiving

and if you feel inclined to take action steps to de-colonize Thanksgiving.

I especially like #1 by knowing what Native land you live on. The interactive map is amazing.

I hope you feel gratitude in your heart this Thanksgiving. I find the tiny, simple things are the best way to cultivate gratitude. I leave you with this simple prayer.

Bless the Earth for delivering this food
Bless the Sun for nourishing its growth
Bless the Rain for assuring its survival.

Thanks to the hands that helped raise this food
Thanks to the backs that helped harvest it
Thanks to the hearts that helped prepare this fare.

Let it nourish our minds, bodies and spirits
Let it nurture our thoughts, deeds and creativity
Let it hearten our wisdom, kindness and love.

May our friends, families and loved ones be healthy
May those that are not present and missed be well
May the future be prosperous and happy.โ€

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