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Cat film fest at sea 2016

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Welcome to the launch of my passion project: Cat Film Fest at Sea™. You’re invited to be a part of cat culture history.

Over two years ago, I got the idea for creating a unique experience for cat lovers where we can connect in person, be inspired by cat culture and each other. Last summer, my vision came together when the ideal partners paved the way for me to produce Cat Film Fest at Sea™, the first cat film, art, video and pop culture Caribbean cruise.

That’s right, a ship and not just any ship but Oasis of the Seas, the $1.4 billion floating vacation destination where every passenger is a celebrity citizen and normal rules don’t apply. It’s an opportunity to see and experience your life with fresh eyes. Take a look at this short video to see the possibilities.

This time next year I’ll be packing my cat ears because we’re sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Oct. 29, 2016 on National Cat Day and I hope you join me. Halloween will never be the same since we’ll be celebrating on board with a wild costume party and black cat video screening in honor of National Black Cat Month™. We’ll even be able to memorialize our beloved OTRB cats at sea in Mexico on Nov 1st for Dia de los Muertos.

The Cat Film Fest at Sea™. highlights include a full Broadway production of CATS, a private red carpet gala screening with awards, a curated art show for charity and much more.The cruise countdown will include lots of contests, a curated art show and a chance to win a Cruise and VIP pass for 2!

We’re purring with delight to announce the curator of our exclusive cat video reel is the award-winning Chris Poole of Cole and Marmalade. His funny cat videos have over 53 million views. We’re in talks with our friends at Catastrophes to curate a special reel. They won the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival. Stay tuned for news of other special guests coming on board. Cat Film Fest at Sea

I’m beyond excited to reveal all the details. The press release is going out early in the new year so consider this a sneak peek. There are so many amazing aspects of this cat fest/cruise/extravaganza, I’ll be rolling them out gradually at our new weekly blog feature about the cruise, the ship, tips and cat culture. Don’t worry, Cat Wisdom101 will continue as usual. Consider the cruise fest as the icing on the catnip cake of our growing brand. This is the first of other pet-centric cruises planned so if you’re a dog lover, you’re in luck.

What sets this apart from other cat arts festivals is the incredible venue and value of a combo festival and vacation with 3 ports-of-calls. Imagine only unpacking once and having time to enjoy it all as quietly or loudly as you like with your own kind: cat lovers. There is something magical about being at sea with intoxicating, balmy breezes that stir the heart and imagination. Impossible to explain until you experience it. If you’re ready for something new, different and meaningful, it may be time to smell the sea and touch the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.

Give yourself permission to escape and live like a pampered cat for 6 days.Expect pleasure. Demand indulgence. Play. Purr. Nap. Explore. Repeat. Did I mention free room service is included? MeWOW!

This intimate and exclusive event is limited to only 200 lucky cat lovers and one famous celebrity cat. so book now! Cabin/Festival packages are from $839 p.p. +tax.

Round up your girlfriends or spouse fast. The first 50 passengers who book get early bird pricing and a free upgrade to a Superior Balcony Stateroom. The Full VIP Festival Package and Stateroom is $1070 p.p. +tax Our travel partner is BigCruiseAdventures Lisa is the booking agent and can answer any booking questions only. Her Direct line is 317-412-2542.

For details, visit .A full itinerary and F.A.Q. is coming soon. It’s going to be an exciting year and I look forward to your suggestions. Email me if you have any questions. at [email protected]

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Disclaimer: All advertised events are exclusive to guests who book through Sea Conferences only. Cat Film Fest at Sea™Cruises are group events and not chartered vessels. All rates are cruise only and per person, based on double occupancy subject to availability at time of booking. Non-discountable fees and taxes, airfare, air taxes and transfers are additional. Festival Event based on a minimum of 200 group passengers. Pricing and other information may change without notice. We reserve the right to correct errors. Information and pricing are subject to change without notice. No passengers may bring their cats but flat cats are welcome on board.


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