Dia De Los Muertos Cats

News Update: Layla is off to the Purina #BetterWithPets Summit.  She’s thrilled to be invited a second time and can’t wait to share this year’s theme: emotional wellness of pets and the people who love them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed for the latest.  Meanwhile, my mom Layla has left me for two days!  Wah, at least I have my dad and you dear reader. Tell me something amusing to pass the time, will ya?

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Today is the 2nd day of Dia de los Muertos, the holiday which honors and celebrates our dearly departed with grave side decorations, candlelight, music and food.  It’s usually for humans but why not cats? Believe me, I’m alive and have some unfinished business before I depart this mortal coil, but I want someone to celebrate my life this way.

I gave my parents quite the scare last week. Oh yeah, way scarier than any Halloween chicanery. The prospect of real death and not plastic ghost decorations is a wake-up call.  It made this year’s Halloween or Samhain, the Celtic New Year more poignant.  Layla made the rounds of the three feline graves in different parts of the property.  It was too cold for me to join her as usual but here I am making my rounds in warmer weather.  These close brushes with death are kind of dress rehearsal you might say.

dia de los muertos

Merlin at cat grave

cat-grave-dia de los muertos

dia de los muertos cats


In the middle of the night on all hallow’s eve, Layla felt the spirits deeply especially Radish, maybe because he our most recently departed. It’s the time when the veil is thinnest between the seen and unseen worlds and communication  is easiest with the spirit world (if you believe in that kind of thing). It was cold enough for Layla see her breath and she always snaps a few photos with a flash in certain location in hopes of capturing some spirit orbs. It’s uncanny what shows up and different from other times of the year. Just before going inside, she asked the gods for signs of all three, Coco, Gris Gris and Radish to show themselves. This is what showed up: 3 orbs in the 3  different directions or areas where they are buried. Call it weird or a blip of fate, to us it was life-affirming and comforting to know I might connect this way next year.

What do you make of all this?

Halloweeen spirit orbs










19 thoughts on “Dia De Los Muertos Cats”

  1. Merlin my furend we all want you around fur a few more holidays so take care buddy. We know those orbs are from your dear Angels but we cats have deeper and broader sight than our two legged family members.
    We have a lot of Angels who visit pretty regularly in our dreams.
    Purrs my furend
    Timmy and Crew

  2. Those orbs are no trick lighting or coincidence, they are Coco, Gris Gris and Radish leaving a sign to your Mom and family that they are okay and watching over you. Whenever your time comes dear Merlin, I know you will be in good paws as your fur sibs and many friends will be waiting to greet and show you the glory of life at the Bridge.
    I hope you can stay with us a bit longer as I don’t know if I’m quite ready to say goodbye.
    I hope everything’s been going well and you Wilde boys have been behaving with only one Wilde lady in the house- Nou Nou. As the only girl amongst 3 brofurs you mancats need to look out for and not tease her too much! Mama Layla won’t be happy if she returns and hears complaints from Nou Nou. I’m sure you are being the gentlemancat you always are though. Lots of love and purrs sent to you all.
    Clove, Kaspars & Mom

  3. Dear Merlin, please stay on this earth for awhile longer. You are so special, I’ve lost so much to soon, it’s selfish but I couldn’t stand not seeing you.

  4. My human has a very strange relationship with death. She doesn’t know what happens after death, so she doesn’t presume to connect with anyone, human or cat, for fear she is just fooling herself and she would hate that worse than the initial loss itself.

  5. The photo of orbs is very comforting….the sign that your angels are with you.
    I hope Layla will have a great time at the summit. Have a happy new week xoxo

  6. Merlin I hope your Mom has fun in NYC but I do know you will all miss her. I’m glad you didn’t leave us yet because I’m not ready to say goodbye. We know that “those who have gone before” do come to see us – – orbs or touches on the shoulder or warm breath on the face – – signs they are near. Stay comfortable and well dear Merlin………..

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. The roller coaster is fun but heart stopping at times Merlin and I’m sure in some ways that is what Layla may feel. Anticipation is very hard for humans, knowing of an event that will happen gives them all kinds of emotions. We are glad Layla found her sign from Radish, Coco and Gris Gris. Our Mom has felt signs from Abby, never from Gracie, but it’s what she believes and finds comfort in and that’s all that matters. Hope your Mom has fun in NYC

  8. I completely agree it was a sign that they are all around you all the time. I can’t bear the thought of you not being with us next year though and I am sure your Mom can’t either. XO

  9. dood…..while de momz a way de catz will play….tell dad ta get out de tell a fone book, ear mark de name oh de pizzeria; we will bring sum beverages & pie & see ya for a partee til de cows canna jump de moon any mor….ore….see ya in like 37 mintz ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  10. Always and furever in our hearts. Thank you Merlin and Layla for sharing the spirits of your dear babies. We purr that it will be a good while before you join them but we know when it is time it is time.
    We are thrilled that Mom is out and about doing more of the good stuff that helps cats everywhere.
    Luvs to all!
    Skeeter and Izzt and the Feral Gang * Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels

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