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Being a professional blogger is a commitment and joy most of the time. Good news makes the hard times worth it, like now. I’m happy to announce my panel proposal for BlogPaws, (the premier pet blogger and social media conference) was accepted for their next conference.

One of the things I feel all bloggers can benefit from is honing their journalistic skills and the Bridging the Blogger/Writer Gap panel discussion will address how. An added bonus are my hand-picked fellow panelists. They are blogger friends you may know: Deb Barnes from ZeeandZoey, Janiss Garza from Sparkle Cat and Alana Grelyak from CatintheFridge They all happen to be fellow CWA members and this year Blogpaws is debuting two CWA (Cat Writers’ Association panels. Read all about it at Blogpaws I promise it will be fun, informative and creatively stimulating. We’re in great company. Check out the entire speaker list.

I presented at Blogpaws last year in Vegas and this year the conference will be in Nashville and I can’t wait. It’s going to be bigger, better and a whale of a good time. More details TBA. Visit for the latest news and conference registration and hotel details.

Every week there are the usual funny, crazy or plain weird cat news or cat videos. Cat lovers all over the world can’t get enough. Even people who aren’t cat lovers will ask me: did you see that cat video or did you hear about the cat who… and invariably my answer is yes. What’s remarkable is the recycling of cat news from five, ten or more years ago. A special cat story makes the news and years later it goes viral like this week’s kitty adoration gone wild about a woman who married her cats. Barbarella Buchner, 48, married her tabby cats Spider and Lugosi in 2004 and they celebrated their 11th anniversary on Jan.9, 2015.

Buchner, aka “The Mad Cat Lady” a German ex-pat from the U.K. who now lives in the Canary Islands claims hers cats are her soulmates and it was love at first sight when she meet the litter mates in a shelter in 2000. She’s never regretted her decision and as crazy as it seems I wonder if we’ll be seeing more inter-species unions. Being an intrepid researcher (yes, we will discuss deep research during the Blogpaws panel) I found the same stories of incorrect reporting and no one picked up on a YouTube video of photo stills of Buchner with her tabby husbands is another cat. What are we to make of Buchner making kissy face with a mysterious ginger cat? But wait! I scroll down and find out ginger puss is her cat Ruby and Buchner not only has her own cat channel but blog and photography website.

Maybe the mad cat lady isn’t so mad but crazy like a fox? Then, while still scratching my head I get an aha. I’ve seen that name before. Duh, Barbarella Buchner is fellow writer at Catster I vaguely remember reading about last year. When researching a story, the lesson is: dig deeper than a litter box.

If you are tempted to marry Miss Mew visit For a mere 10 Euros wedded bliss can be yours. Hey, it worked for Buchner. The wedding website disclaimer is purrfect.

...Although happy to marry you, we cannot guarantee that you will be happy. MarryYourPet is in no way responsible for anything nasty occurring. If your marriage breaks down or you can no longer stand their smelly breath, it’s entirely your own problem. If Fido eats your mother or Fluffy pees in your trainer, we will only laugh.

This is a marriage of minds and companionship. You have no conjugal rights. For sake of clarity: You are not permitted to have sex with your pet.

This marriage is recognised neither by law nor church, but by the much higher realm of the great pet god in the sky – Mr. Mustofales*. Although a mere cat, he is omniscient. Don’t think you can fool him, ever. If you mistreat your pet, or (heaven forbid) give him supermarket’s own pet food, he will know and you will surely suffer…

Do you feel your cats are soul mates and would you consider marrying them?


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