Caturday Memory Snapshots

One of our dear readers, the lovely and talented Bernadette Kasmarski left a comment at our video post yesterday. It got me thinking  how lucky we are to have permanent memories of our cats. I have no photos of my first cat, a tiny handful of the others, but a gazillion of our current crew. These days we can snap photos anytime with cameras, cellphones, take videos and have fun galore making precious memory banks for the future.

These are our memory snapshots for the week. Do you have you any favorite shots of you cats? Do you prefer photos, video or?

We spent time in the garden watching nature unfurl in wonder.

domino-smell-garden-cat-ferns-cat wisdom 101


Domino is positively serene after his horrendous summer last year. It was this time last year when the feline brute, Rambo beat him up and left him limping. The wound, abscessed, oozed, burst and filled up again. Our vet, Dr. G. feared if the six weeks of antibiotics didn’t work, his front, left leg would have to be amputated. Not only did the big D recover but went from feral to a lap cat a few months later.

Domino’s face of misery during his recovery after the abcess was lanced.


Playing was the last thing on his mind, but this week he and Odin enjoyed their usual Greco-Roman wrestling match.


Odin took time to smell the flowers while…


Gris Gris played his usual game of the InvisibleMan Cat and his favorite game,

Gris gris-hiding-invisible-man cat-garden

voyeur. Not a week goes by without a little adventure. Once again, I missed the drama. While in bed, I hear hubby yelling downstairs, “Odin, stop!” Odin slipped inside the front door with a baby rabbit in his mouth.  Thankfully, he’s learning to drop his catch where it can escape unharmed.

Yesterday, we wandered in the garden enjoying the lush new growth. Gris Gris heard a tinkle in the distance but stayed rooted in his usual non-confrontational way.

GG-cat-hiding-gris gris-garden

Odin on the other hand raced ahead. I heard a unfamiliar meow. A slinky orange and white cat wearing a collar and the loudest bell ever, clinked its way into a thicket. Odin gave chase and I groaned, here we go again. I could hear the jingle sound but see nothing in the dense thicket. Odin! Come! The jingle sound receded and out bounced Odin. Good job keeping intruders away!

Merlin missed the whole kerfuffle and Odin filled him in on the details. They aren’t usually that chummy, but lately they’ve been napping in the afternoon together in a tangle of brotherly love. All the cats are taking turns spending time with elderly Merlin who reminds me daily how precious and fleeting time is.


Merlin, who is my wisest cat ever, has good taste in reading material. Stop by tomorrow for our special BIG Cat Daddy Giveaway. Happy memory Caturday!

merlin-cat daddy-book-jackson-galaxy-memoir-giveaway-cat

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