Caturday Memory Snapshots

One of our dear readers, the lovely and talented Bernadette Kasmarski left a comment at our video post yesterday. It got me thinking  how lucky we are to have permanent memories of our cats. I have no photos of my first cat, a tiny handful of the others, but a gazillion of our current crew. These days we can snap photos anytime with cameras, cellphones, take videos and have fun galore making precious memory banks for the future.

These are our memory snapshots for the week. Do you have you any favorite shots of you cats? Do you prefer photos, video or?

We spent time in the garden watching nature unfurl in wonder.

domino-smell-garden-cat-ferns-cat wisdom 101


Domino is positively serene after his horrendous summer last year. It was this time last year when the feline brute, Rambo beat him up and left him limping. The wound, abscessed, oozed, burst and filled up again. Our vet, Dr. G. feared if the six weeks of antibiotics didn’t work, his front, left leg would have to be amputated. Not only did the big D recover but went from feral to a lap cat a few months later.

Domino’s face of misery during his recovery after the abcess was lanced.


Playing was the last thing on his mind, but this week he and Odin enjoyed their usual Greco-Roman wrestling match.


Odin took time to smell the flowers while…


Gris Gris played his usual game of the InvisibleMan Cat and his favorite game,

Gris gris-hiding-invisible-man cat-garden

voyeur. Not a week goes by without a little adventure. Once again, I missed the drama. While in bed, I hear hubby yelling downstairs, “Odin, stop!” Odin slipped inside the front door with a baby rabbit in his mouth.  Thankfully, he’s learning to drop his catch where it can escape unharmed.

Yesterday, we wandered in the garden enjoying the lush new growth. Gris Gris heard a tinkle in the distance but stayed rooted in his usual non-confrontational way.

GG-cat-hiding-gris gris-garden

Odin on the other hand raced ahead. I heard a unfamiliar meow. A slinky orange and white cat wearing a collar and the loudest bell ever, clinked its way into a thicket. Odin gave chase and I groaned, here we go again. I could hear the jingle sound but see nothing in the dense thicket. Odin! Come! The jingle sound receded and out bounced Odin. Good job keeping intruders away!

Merlin missed the whole kerfuffle and Odin filled him in on the details. They aren’t usually that chummy, but lately they’ve been napping in the afternoon together in a tangle of brotherly love. All the cats are taking turns spending time with elderly Merlin who reminds me daily how precious and fleeting time is.


Merlin, who is my wisest cat ever, has good taste in reading material. Stop by tomorrow for our special BIG Cat Daddy Giveaway. Happy memory Caturday!

merlin-cat daddy-book-jackson-galaxy-memoir-giveaway-cat

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19 thoughts on “Caturday Memory Snapshots

  1. As always, gorgeous photos of the boys….the difference in Domino pre-lancing and formerly feral is startling; shows the power of love (and good vet care!!). We love seeing photos of everyone’s animals – having ancient dial-up computer connection means we can’t really see videos so miss out on a lot (!!) but always know we’ll see plenty of love on display at CatWisdom101 no matter what!

    Happy Mother’s Day
    From Pam (and Sammy too!)

  2. The only thing I wish I had were baby pictures of all of the kitties. They were all adults when they found their way to my home. But now I have over 40,000 pictures and it will only grow. 🙂


  3. That’s so true, we are very lucky to be able to keep permanent memories of our kitties. I have thousands of pictures of my boys.
    Your memory snapshots are all so beautiful! This cuddling photo..oh so lovely.
    I’m glad the baby rabbit escaped unharmed. Good Odin 🙂

  4. I have more pictures of my cats than my family. LOL. I would videos of them but; I don’t have anything like that so pictures it is. Loved your pictures of your kitties. I love reading about kitties.

  5. I had a feral kitty once and the only physical reminder I have is a muddy paw print on a book! I didn’t have him long 🙁 I really regret I wasn’t into photography in those days of the box brownie!

    What jumped out of your post was how the kitties are all spending time with Merlin! xox

  6. Beautiful photos! Poor Domino’s face looks pretty bad in that photo, but thank goodness he is better. My cat had a scary wound on his face and I was happy when the fur grew back so it covered his scar. I lament the absence of photos of earlier cats. My very first cat from childhood, I only have one photo.

  7. I regret that we did not take more video of Zee & Zoey’s kittens as they were growing up – the first 8 weeks of life are particulary amazing to witness, but at least we do have some photos. I have cats from years ago, whose pictures are nothing but poorly taken polaroid blurs. Today, like you, I have a trillion pictures of my current gang and cherish every one of the images!
    Great post and I loved the picture of Odin stopping to smell the flowers – so beautiful!

  8. Aww,I love your boys, esp. Dom Dom and Odin..

    Took a walking tour in Montreal yesterday. Quartier des Spectacles. AKA Latin Quarter. I had forgotten how ghettoized and how out of it some of the native Francophones are. I had thought that all this urban renewal and gentrification and all the rest that we remember had uplifted the French population. Depends. The smart ones go to the English universities. There is a high dropout rate among french speakers – about 40 percent do not finish high school. The French Cegeps are nowhere near the level of the English Cegeps. UQAM us a joke.

    And they are now taught that the changes in the 60s – the murder, the kidnapping, the bombs, the martial law – they call this the quiet revolution. Propaganda. The tour was from a guy who had gone to UQAM. He took us to the library, to the architecture building, the graphic design students expo, to the Food Lab — …and walked around. The poor guy did not even know what the best hospital in Montreal was. The other people on the tour were doctors from Philly. I doubt he’s ever been to Vermont. I know that many, esp. the business owners, (and there are lots of them) are much more knowledgable – but I had realized something: That the native americans, the mexicans, the other minnorities in the USA are much more knowledgable about the USA than some of these French canadians in Montreal who never get out of their district. They don’t live in the greater Montreal, just in their district. West Island is gorgeous. Couldn’t make it to Au Pied du Cochon – fab top shelf restaurant on 536 Duluth E. But next time.

    Any tips you have about Montreal, pass them this way. I am applying for a writing gig. I will open a closed (secret) Facebook group for people to post Montreal tips to. Can barely move, I am so tired. Going back today.

  9. This reminds me that I do not have photos of my current girls up on my living room wall. The other 5, who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, are there. Gonna have to rectify that next week.

  10. I am so glad for the digital photography/video age. It pretty much allows most everyone to be able to capture those moments of time. I always love the beauty of your photos.
    I too like to take the occasional walk down memory lane with pictures both digital and paper. Yet another example of the power of smell,sight,sound etc. because one look at a picture can take me back to that moment and all the wonderful smells,sounds,etc. that were there at that point in time. I can remember how each one of my babies fur felt to the touch and how they sounded when they meowed,barked or neighed. A picture is worth a thousand words and sooooooooo much more!
    Happy Caturday to all and take a picture today,you won’t regret it. Skeeter and Izzy >^**^< the stars of my videos!

  11. Layla, thanks for the mention! Every time I go through my photos from the past 30 years and see one of the felines who shared my life it brings them back as if they were with me for just a sweet moment, and I remember not only them but that time and place. I enjoy your outdoor photos best, with all the colors, and the filters and techniques you do with them.

  12. Wonderful photos! The difference in Domino’s face is striking.

    I agree that photos are wonderful, and precious memories. I already have more photos of Allegra and Ruby at two and three years of age than I had of my first cat, Feebee, for the entire almost sixteen years of his life. This is definitely a case where technology is a good thing.

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