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Caturday:Taking Care of Business Naturally

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat walk collage Merlin (shown above) on his daily constitution and favorite part of his day. It’s like a dose of vitamins and kitty crack; he’s sniffs and struts, pees and poops, invigorated. Not bad for a very old boy. He’s blind but you’d never know it.

cute cat close up

Speaking of bad, that would describe Odin this week. Don’t let this photo fool you.

odin the cat and teddy bear

This is what he does after an entire day of hunting. There is something perverse about cuddling with a teddy bear after killing a mouse, mole and rabbit this week. I thought he’d attacked a bird too, but after bringing the flightless bird to the wildlife rehabber, she thought not. She claims lawn and garden pesticides kill more birds than cats. The chemicals poison the grubs, worms and other food birds eat. Our next door neighbor’s and us keep our three acres pesticide-free but our other neighbors insist on a flawless green turf. We need our insects for pollination. Did you know Monarch butterflies only lay eggs on milkweed plants? We keep about a third of our property completely wild with indigenous plants, grass and milkweed. Sadly, in the eleven years we’ve lived here, butterflies sightings are drastically down. What would you prefer: a prefect lawn or butterflies?

Odin is constantly snoopervising everything in the garden. Our Kat Kabin needed a cleaning but has weathered well all year. It’s there for any critter who needs shelter.

Kat Kabin cat shelter


The A.S.P.C.A and NYPD have joined forces to address animal abuse case more efficiently. Some abuse cases weren’t handled for days or weeks but now all suspected animal abuse cases will be investigated by the police within 8 hours. If you know how animal abuse cases are investigated in your area. Let’s share and compare and maybe get some ideas for improvement.

Giveaway news

The winner of our Feliway double giveaway is Tamstercat. Congratulations! Look for an email from Layla.

Calling all fans of grumpy cat. Where are you?

Today is the last day to enter to win a copy of the Grumpy Cat book. Only about 30 people entered and today is the last today to enter so, You just need to leave a comment. Click here to enter.


  • Penelope

    Hi Guys!
    Me has not been commenting much, but me has been reading. Mommy thinks it is more impawtant to make jams, jellies and pickles and sell them than it is to cater to my every whim. Me will look for a new assistant after me finishes my Run Away World Tour.
    Yous guys asked about my eye. Mes has had a infection/virus since I was born (me was part of a kitty mill) The vet is unsure which one, but it could be herpes and me has had the occasional gunky eye ever since.
    This year, it was the worst. Me is getting old and me just does not has the resistance to it and this year it lasted way longer than it ever has and tooked all the vision in my eye. Drops just helps mes keep the infection in check and may (eventually) stop weeping gunk. It has not bothered me. Me is eating, pooping and playing like me always has.
    So me is sort of like Oden and Merlin!
    Kisses to ALL of yous!

  • Tamago

    Odin cuddling with teddy bear is so cute 🙂
    It’s sad pesticides poison worms etc and result in killing birds. I certainly love to see butterflies flying happily in the nature.
    Great news about NYPD.

  • Sparkle

    Too bad that wildlife rehabber’s info about pesticides killing more birds than cats is purely anecdotal – I’d love to be able to lay hard statistics down in front of certain anti-feral cat groups.

  • easy rider

    I agree with Odin – we need cuddly moments – even when we just killed a mouse or a bird. We don’t use pesticides, but it’s always dangerous to catch a bird or a mouse, no one knows what they have inside. Have a great caturday

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Concats to Tamster cat!!!
    We are non yard sprayers too! We let the skunks and birds help with the insect,worm,grub control. I know that some folks detest the skunks and there is the potential for rabies but they really aerate my yard!
    If you pay attention to the critters around you then I think pretty much everyone has seen a decrease in many species. Bees,birds,butterflies and bats really stand out for me in my area.
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  • Sam and Pam

    Odin has the fine art of looking innocent DOWN quite well! Merlin looks his regal self – I think his kitty radar/GPS is amazing considering he’s blind. He knows his territory and smells so well. Have a beautiful Caturday!

    Pam and Sam

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    Bless you on your tenacity, Merlin! You are one very special cat!

    Have a wonderful weekend all and we are thrilled to hear that the NYPD and ASPCA have joined forces. Hope that becomes a more mainstream venture across the country.

  • Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    Odin, you look so innocent! Surely you didn’t do those things. (It’s OK, we would have hunted them down, too, if we could have gotten out the window to them.)

    Paws up to the news about the NYPD moving faster on abuse cases. Every step counts toward more humane treatment of animals.

  • Marg

    Odin, you do look like an angel with that teddy bear. We have to agree with the Mom, that if you weren’t out there killing some mice etc.something else would be. Nothing wrong with hunting, for sure. We all love to hunt. Have a great week end.

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