Hooked on Cat Daddy: Review & Giveaway

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Odin gives Cat Daddy a four paws rating.

What do you get when you mix sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll with cats? The gutsy, new memoir Cat Daddy:What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean by Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. It’s Mother’s Day, a day when we honor and celebrate women who nurture their loved ones; whether they have two legs or four. Cat moms have big hearts, and then there is the cat daddy, Jackson Galaxy, who healed his wounded heart and soul thanks to one special cat named Benny. This is a story of broken dreams, reinvention, and triumph over multiple addictions and dark despair. By saving the life of one cat, he inadvertently saved his own life.

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Jackson Galaxy with Benny

They say, we don’t choose cats but they choose us. Cats are our secret allies, teachers and healers, if we let them. Benny came into his life sixteen years ago at a time when no one wanted either of them. Jackson, a down on his luck musician and full blown addict, had a hole in his soul the size of a Buick. He found work at a shelter where one of his jobs was performing euthanasia on perfectly healthy pets. By a twist of fate, Jackson’s work with animals led him unwittingly toward his life purpose: making a change in the lives of animals. Slowly and after countless adventures, Benny taught Jackson about life, death, acceptance and love. Once you begin reading, you’ll be hooked by Jackson’s roller coaster ride thanks to Joel Derfer’s co-writing wizardry. Derfer captures Jackson’s voice and turns it into an alchemy of ink on paper.

This memoir, while gritty, grim and at times shocking is ultimately about love and self-acceptance. When we love ourselves, healing happens and anything is possible, and when we share that love with our four-legged friends, real change is possible. The book is chock-full of over thirty nuggets of cat behavior tips including his mentor Anitra Frazier’s now famous “slow blink-I-love-you”. Jackson is a man on mission: to end kill shelters everywhere and teach his cat mojo, his tips for better understanding cats.

There have always been cat whisperers and people who speak “cat” but every generation brings new knowledge and wisdom. Jackson Galaxy speaks to a new generation of cat lovers of every age, race and gender, beyond stereotypes, leading hopefully towards a kinder, more humane world where everyone eventually will understand and speak “cat”.

Because every cat mom deserves a cat daddy, we are offering a special Mother’s Day giveaway. We have not one but two autographed copies signed by the cat daddy himself for two lucky readers to win!

To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment at this post (with a valid email address) and click the Facebook “like” button any time until 11:59 pm ET, May 19, 2012. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. or Canada. Two winners will chosen by randomizer.org and announced next Sunday, May, 20, 2012. For extra chances to win, subscribe to Cat Wisdom or our sister blog the Boomer Muse and/or like our Facebook page

If you simply must have a copy right now, click on the Amazon link in our sidebar or visit the cat daddy at Jackson Galaxy

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The publisher Tarcher/Penguin sent me an unedited manuscript of Cat Daddy which I reviewed and several copies of the bound edition. Visit us at the Boomer Muse for an expanded Mother’s Day post. Cat moms, you rock!

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