Using Essential Oils on Cats

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Should you or shouldn’t you? The debate rages on over the use of essential oils or aromatherapy on cats. I wrote on article titled Your Cat’s Nose Knows Best. It’s based on my twenty years experience using essential oils and it published yesterday by at World’s Best Cat Litter. Whether you agree with my viewpoint or not, I welcome feedback from anyone who has used aromatherapy, either essential oils or hydrosols on pets.

This is also aimed at our readers who aren’t on Facebook where we often share content not available here. Holistic health and safety is of paramount importance to us. It’s my hope to open a dialogue for future articles and share how aromatherapy can indeed be used safely and effectively.


  • sue brandes

    I had never heard of these for cats until I watched Jackson’s show. For me I think they would be worth trying as I have 2 that might benefit from this.

  • Kathy Thompson

    I’m not so sure that my two would go for aromatherapy,they don’t seem to like a lot of smell like the essential oils etc. would have. I am all for trying different things to make my babies healthier and happier as long as it IS SAFE! I know many people still deny the impact that things like scent have on us all. Keep the wonderful info coming and matbe one day I’ll get over Facebook treating me bad and re-join.
    Luvs and Purrs Skeeter and Izzy and Mom too. >^..^<

    • boomermuse

      Kathy, it’s true cats have such a heightened sense of smell, some oils are off-putting except for catnip and many mints. Hydrosols have a delicate scent and are usually more agreeable.

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