Cats Give Thanks (A to Z) Plus Our CatsGiving Giveaway Winner

Thanksgiving is next week and while nothing is purrfect, we have much to be grateful for.  We’re over the moon to announce the  of our CatsGiving Wellness Giveaway.


catsgiving giveaway winner

Our CatsGiving Giveaway winner is Kevin Hattori aka meowmeowmans, who blogs at Animal Shelter Volunteer.  They say black cats bring luck and they did today. The shelter of his choice to receive the prize is PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society). Kevin has two black cats adopted from PAWS and has been a shelter volunteer there for 19 years! What’s more amazing it’s the shelter is where our new black cat Clyde is from. Congratulations Kevin and you’ll be hearing from us soon. Thank you for your devotion and commitment to cat adoption advocacy.


It was a treat working with Wellness Pet Food and their awesome team. Every cat deserves some treats for Thanksgiving and the discount price of Wellness Kittles is hard to resist. Here’s our quick affiliate link.

Every year we do a new variation of A to Z of Thanksgiving gratitude by our cats. You might find something new to be grateful for or be inspired by, if you are lucky enough to be owned by cats.  And because we appreciate you, I created a new BLACK CAT art quote about gratitude. If you like it, we might include it our nonprofit shop.


CatsGiving Gratitude From A to Z

A: Advocacy for black cats. We’re grateful for the groundswell of support for our Black Cats Tell All initiative to raise awareness and shelter adoption rates for black cats. Global momentum is growing for all black cat groups, interests and projects. Our book, Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images is almost ready and scheduled for release in January 2017.

B: Boxes or bags. Baskets too. Paper, cardboard, shiny, natural or corrugated, shoe box to shipping container size all fit purrfectly.

C: Catnip, wild or dried, fresh or in toys a little ‘nip is catastic. CLYDE our new house panther furbro!

D: Domino, our former feral and best brofur.

E: Email to connect with friends from every corner of the world.

F: Food, food, glorious food. Served in bed is bonus.

G: Garden. We are blessed to have a safe and supervised wild, fragrant slice of nature.

H: Home. There’s no place like a warm, safe home especially after being in a shelter like Clyde or outdoors like Domino for 7 winters.

I: Intuition, a cat’s sixth sense. It’s one of our superpowers at Cat Wisdom 101. Instagram, our guilty pleasure.

J: Jungles. Well, not a real one but the garden bushes and indoor plants excite our imagination. Please check plants are not toxic like poinsettias and lilies.

K: Kindness. Need we say more? Okay, more kindness and Kittles treats.

L: Love, both human and feline is divine. Life too even when it’s not purrfect.

M: Memories and memorial gardens. We are so grateful for fond memories of Merlin and his memorial garden.

N: Neutering. Yes, us boys are happier and healthier for it. Ditto spaying for our gal pals like our dear sisfur Nou Nou.

O: Odin, our one-eyed wonder and ringleader of mischief, fun and delight 24/7.

P: Peace & Purring and Playing with or humans or each other, with or without toys. Plus photos of cats shared everywhere.

Q: Quiet and peace. Peace and quiet with exciting moments like parcel deliveries

R: Reading and reviewing cat books.

S: Snoozes in Sun puddles. Sweet smells of being clean. Extra snacks. Summer fun.

T: Treats and toys. Being a products tester means treats and toys galore.

U: Undercover snuggles with cats and humans.

V: Vets for all their care even if we don’t like going & extra kudos for Shelter Volunteers.

W: Water fountains. Fresh, fun, running water.

X: X amount of Cat Wisdom 101 readers. That means you! We’re extra grateful for the many new ones this year.

Y: Yoga. Feline style stretches feel so good for cats and humans.

Z: Zzzzzzs and Super Zzzzzzs. We could all use more sleep, no?

What are you or your cats most thankful for?

21 thoughts on “Cats Give Thanks (A to Z) Plus Our CatsGiving Giveaway Winner”

  1. Concats to Kevin!

    Cheddar and Mao are both grateful that Mom’s friends in China want a kitty cat just like them! Cats are catching on everywhere!

  2. Wow, what an awesome surprise! We’re so excited to have been selected as the winners; this will be such a great thing for the PAWS kitties. 🙂

    We are grateful for YOU, dear pals. Other stuff, too, but definitely you, and your friendship.


  3. Concats to Kevin and the shelter!!!!!
    We are thankful for every single person in this world that does absolutely anything that helps someone in need be it animal or people.We purr and pray everyday that everyone can have at least what we have and hopefully so much more. We are blessed in every way possible and we are grateful for every single thing.We give thanks to our God and to all the forces of the universe for each and every blessing that we know and receive each day.
    We send our love and purrs and many kitty kisses out to everyone that may read this. We want everyone (animal and people)to know that we may not know you on a personal level but that cannot nor does not stop us from caring about you all.
    Luvs,joy, peace, hope, health and happiness to you all!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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