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Taurus, The Cheshire Cat of Cats & Domino’s Birthday

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taurus cat art astrology

Happy Caturday! Are you ready for some fab cat art at the weekly blog hop Athena Cat Goddess? Ours is astrology related to Taurus, the second sun sign of the zodiac.

Our Domino is the epitome of a Taurus cat AND it’s his birthday!

He is not the least bit interested in celebrating. He’s a quiet, down to earth type who despite his good looks shuns the spotlight. He’d be horrified and run under the bushes if anyone sang happy birthday, but would not say no to treats. Okay and a massage and some mouse mousse pie.


Might your cat be a Taurus? Astrology has waxed and waned in popularity for over 5000 years. Back in the ’70s just about everyone wore zodiac medallions around their necks and the favorite pick up line was:What’s your sign? But I was surprised to find astrology art back at the turn of the century like this antique card.

Astro taurus april

If you’d like the Cheshire cat of cats, you may be bullish about the Taurus cat. If you’re not sure of your cat’s birthday, take a look at this profile and see if it fits. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and Taurus cats are born from April 21 to May 21. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, giving them a rounded, earthy beauty and grounded sensibility. Their color is green and their gems are diamonds and emeralds. Like all of the 12 of the zodiac signs, they have both positive and some less desirable qualities.

astro taurus

On the upside, they are loving, affectionate, often devoted one-person cats. Their calm demeanor is an ideal counterpoint for the stressed out human. Patient, persistent and focused, nothing will keep them from their goals whether it’s snagging the best spot in the sun or an unsuspecting mouse. They’re generally easy-going, slow moving, mellow marshmallows content to lounge like Pashas on the coziest places. Yes, that means your cashmere sweater, goose down duvet or a padded belly. They love the best in everything. They like the most luxurious cushions, the nicest designer food bowls, the best organic catnip and the primo spots to perch.

taurus cat art


These smug, self-satisfied cats are masters of the slow blink and when you slow blink them back, you’ll be putty in their paws. And just as well since they do have a flip side. Every astrological sign has negatives and positives. The Taureans can be possessive and stubborn as a bull. They aren’t the best candidates for leash training and won’t jump through hoops for anyone. Agility training? In your dreams. These indolent creatures may not be the most athletic cats but need exercise anyway. Toss them catnip mice by the dozen and lure them into games of hide and seek with fishing rod-type toys. They prefer one or maybe two people to cozy up but won’t be lap hoppers if you’re having a party.


If they don’t like something, they’ll let you know with their distinctive meows. The only thing they love more than sleeping is eating. These kitty gourmands embody the Taurus archetype purrfectly. They like, no love food, good food and lots of it. It doesn’t have to be fancy and they love gravy. Greedy is their middle name. Weight gain can be an issue, so don’t over indulge them which is tempting because of their charm. One sad chirp and mournful look you’ll think they’re starving. Don’t let them fool you. Keep an eye in multi-cat cat homes for food poaching from the other cat’s bowls and off your plate. If you’ve left a roast chicken on the counter, you have no one to blame but yourself if it disappears into their lair.

Taurus cats tend to have chunky, stocky bodies cat experts call cobby. They have broad heads and a thick neck making them look plump even when they’re not. When in doubt, have your vet determine if they are over-weight. Their fur is thicker despite their breed standard and they love being stoked and petted. Being sensual, they delight in all their senses, they can turn a simple tongue bath into a spa treatment. Outdoor kitties love to roll around in the dirt. Massage? Yes, please and the loud sound is not the Jacuzzi but their over-sized throaty purr.

Thinking of adopting a Taurus kitty? The line starts here for these popular felines. If you’re lucky, it won’t be long before you’re grinning like the Cheshire cat yourself.




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