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Break Dancing Cow Cat Video & Playing Possum

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odin cat-playing possum

We’re having a silly Caturday trying to soak up of the last days of summer. Can you believe Labor Day is around the corner? Odin races around like a chat lunatique and then plotzes out where ever he can for playing possum. What better way to enjoy Caturday than a funny cat video? Have you been voting in the Friskies Cat Video Contest? Friskies donates a can of cat food to a shelter for every video vote (Up to 4 votes a day) until Sept. 8, 2014. VOTE at FRISKIES In the Epic category, How Bob Gets His Exercise is about an obese cow cat with some serious dance moves. Usually fat cats aren’t so limber. I’d love to see our Domino do more exercise. The vet is coming next week and I’m hoping he doesn’t make Domino go on a diet. Maybe he needs to watch this video and get some ideas? Break dancing anyone?

Domino is not much of a hunter anymore so it surprised me when he made a flying leap over the porch railing into the bushes. I assumed a mouse or mole caught his attention and I peeked under the bushes to catch the action. Whoa, that was no mouse and there was no pouncing. Instead Domino sat and observed an opossum who had seen better days. It reminded me of the time an injured raccoon made his way into Domino nest on the porch during his feral days. He seemed to know the animal was dying and sat vigil nearby. Domino stayed with Mr. Opossum for about hour. When I checked back the critter had disappeared, not to be seen again.

Don’t take anything for granted. Go and enjoy what you have this weekend. Life and summer are short!

Domino cat and opossum


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