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Caturday Quirky Cat News

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Welcome to the latest quirky cat news curated by Layla Morgan Wilde.

The voice over actor to play Grumpy Cat in her Christmas Movie is selected

grumpy cat movie

When we first heard Grumpy Cat was going to star in her own movie, the million dollar question was who could possibly capture her essence in a human voice? The actor needed to be sweet but sassy and convey the global black cloud of grumpiness we know and love. Glee’s Jane Lynch was tapped for the role but she changed backed out after winning an Emmy. The lucky second choice actor is Aubrey Plaza, best known for her funny role on Parks and Recreation. She quirkiness extends into Twitter where her handle is @evilhag. We reserve judgement and eagerly await Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever airing on Nov. 29 at 8 pm on Lifetime.

Give a listen to Plaza being her ironic self and tell me if you think she can channel her inner Grumpy Cat. I’m betting she’ll nail it.

If you haven’t entered our Grumpy Cat Book+ Giveaway, hurry, today is the last day and oddly enough hardly anyone entered. Current odds of winning are 1 in 3. Go on, it might be your lucky day. To enter just leave a comment at our giveaway post.

Grumpy Cat book Review Giveaway-001

Our favorite quirky cat lover find are stickers for your car from Stikitvinyl on Etsy. I know one blogger with 13 cats who would love them.

cat lady car stickers


Our favorite vintage find is a rare Kliban photo album cover which went for a steal on Ebay and will probably come back for sale in the secondary market.

Kliban -photo album-camera

Okay, this is veering in the weird anthropomorphism department, but this cat in a baby swing is oddly relaxing to watch. What can I say, it’s been a long, rough week with our Merlin on a roller coaster of ups and downs.

A week ago he stopped eating. None of his favorite foods or treats enticed. When a cat is almost 20 with kidney disease, this is not unusual. We tried everything including more sub-Q and forcefeeding. Hubby, out of desperation tried to find a chicken-based cat food Merlin might like. We’ve finally hit on a combo of force feeding and Blue Buffalo chicken which he’ll eat on his own in tiny amounts. On Wednesday I thought he wasn’t going to live another day but he’s rallied yet again. Every extra day with Merlin is a bonus at this point and our #1 focus is monitoring his quality of life. Someone is with him 24/7 and many of you know how exhausting hospice care is. Thanks for your continued purrs and prayers.

Layla Morgan Wilde-Merlin

What does a cat lady look like? Are you proud to be a cat lady? I know I am. Notice it’s NOT crazy cat lady. Join the movement by posting a pic of you and your cat with the hashtag #CatLadyPride on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Let’s see your beautiful faces.


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