Black Cat Caturday

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Black cats aren’t necessarily good luck or bad luck, they are just like any other cat. It’s only us humans who label them. The cats can’t rip off labels. It’s up to us to stop perpetuating erroneous and negative stereotypes.

And who knows, maybe a little black cat magic will rub off on us then.

black cats

black cat adoption PSA

Mancat Monday Black Cat Week 

Tara The Hero Cat with Cole and Marmalade
Tara The Hero Cat with Cole and Marmalade

IGGY-black cat

Kick Black cat superstitions to the curb

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12 thoughts on “Black Cat Caturday”

  1. we have mao and love mao, who is black and white.

    and growing up we had kemal, who was all black and the sweetest thing ever.

    i love black cats.

    i love all cats.

  2. Black cats are gorgeous. If you truly love cats, stupid superstitions don’t enter into the equation. The right cat will choose you and the color is irrelevant.

  3. Every cat is a lucky cat to us! We have never met a color we have only met a cat. For us love is truly blind and given to all.
    Happy Caturday to all and love a cat, you’ll never regret it!
    Luvs and purrs to all that need them!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  4. It’s really just luck of the paw draw that there are no black kitties here. We think they are all stunning and so deserving!

  5. I have one black cat, long haired on the top, (not my choice) she is not very social but ideal for Halloween pictures ! lol !

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