Spooktacular, Wow or What: Cemetery Black Cats

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

With Halloween looming, spooky themes include cemeteries and black cats. But what if the spookiest images could be transformed into something fun with a new meaning? So I combined moody, mysterious black and white imagery with comic book pow. The collage was made from images from our Black and White board on Pinterest and tweaked into an a positive superhero message.

black cat cemetery comic

Spooktacular, wow or what? You tell us. Our black cat awareness and appreciation week continues until Sunday. When I was a kid, I heard it was bad luck if a black cat crossed your path. I’d rather believe what Groucho Marx said: “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” It’s funny how old myths die hard but humor is a wonderful way to combat superstitions like this vintage Halloween card.

vintage black cat Halloween

And if that’s not enough to banish the black cat blues, there’s our favorite, funny cat man Francesco Marciuliano with his black cat poem.


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