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Spooky Season Black Cat Treats From Meow Magic Shop

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Spooky Season Black Cat Treats From Meow Magic Shop by Layla Morgan Wilde

By the time you read this Halloween might be over but if you are lucky enough to be owned by a black cats, Halloween season is all year round. That’s why you’ll always find products at my new Meow Magic shop in orange and black. I design everything with intention to empower the customer and amplify positive black cat messaging. If you missed my Halloween post this week with personal updates, here ya go.

I NEED YOUR HELP. Before I spend money or more energy promoting my new baby, your opinion and taste matter! What stands out? What sucks? Remember every item is available is a wide range of colors, styles and sizes for men, women or unisex.

Want to see a specific quote, message or occasion? Should I do a giveaway? Email me [email protected] and I’ll work on it. Every photo below is numbered for reference. There are direct links as indicated. Please leave a comment or email me. Thank you so much!

  1. This is one of the Black Cat Awareness Month designs. It’s available on tote bags to t-shirts. It looks really nice on this cozy long sleeve black t-shirt

black cat awareness month tote bag

2. Lots of bags not just totes. The regular tote is a cotton canvas but the organic cotton is available in natural or black. Some tote bag designs look more elegant in black.

meow magic tote bags

3. As you may know, I love crystals and tarot so there are lots of designs that are more magical, witchy and woo woo. Often I’ll include a bonus Adopt Black Cats message and curious if I should add it to the back of a t-shirt?

adopt black cats

4. I’ve been drawing mandalas for over 20 years and adore a vintage vibe. Do you? This one looks also looks good on a FACE MASK

.meow magic mandala design

5. I bet you have a favorite mug. Mugs are how most of us start and often end the day. I really love designing mugs and the Magic Mug collection is growing fast!

meow magic mugs

6. So many possibilities. Too many? Some are available in regular cotton, some premium organic cotton. Would you spend extra for a premium product like Purrrrvasana Meow?

meowga- yoga wear

7. Pillows, cushions whatever you call them are a cat’s best friend. Oh my catness! I have ideas for several collections for cats and their humans but have a dozen available now. Many have a mystical vibe because we all know cats are all that. Find your Purrrrrrfect Pillows

meow magic pillows cushions

8. Calling all Black Cat Dads and Moms. So far I have more for cat moms but should I do more for men as holiday gifts? Women’s T’s Men’s/Unisex

black cat daddy cat mom

9. As the weather is getting cooler, I’m still wearing t-shirts but layered. Do you like long sleeved t-shirts? I prefer darker colors but pink is nice too?

black cat lovers cat mom dad

Whew, that’s enough for now! Obviously the best way to give feedback is to hop into the shop and poke around. The mobile shop looks good but to really see details, I prefer a laptop. The drop down menu has 4 categories: Apparel, Homeware, Accessories and Drinkware. You don’t have to buy anything but if you do, please message me about it. It’s pretty easy and smooth but I have no control over the processing or shipping. My sense is for holiday shopping sooner is probably smarter.

Meow Magic Shop

P.S. For the handful of beautiful souls who read this far, I so appreciate you! I have dozens of designs I haven’t uploaded yet but I might include them in my Shopify shop where I’ll have more control over the navigation. This shop is powered by Spring formerly Teespring. I can’t make up my own categories or organize it the way I’d like. The profit margin isn’t great and less once I have a Black Friday sale. But it’s a platform I trust, the quality is consistent and selection is good. Ultimately it’s YOU or any customer who decides what to buy. My job is to try to get as many eyeballs in as many places with links. I figure if someone likes something they will share word of mouth or via social sharing.

Much love always and please enjoy a safe Halloween!

Layla, Odin and Nou Nou (who have not helped and don’t care about shopping unless it’s for them.

halloween meowloween


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