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Wildly Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day And Week

Layla Morgan Wilde/ August 13, 2018/ Black Cats Tell All Monday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays/ 17 comments

Hello, it’s feline blogger Clyde at your service *wildly waving* with a special edition of Black Cats Tell All Monday. Black Cat Appreciation Day is Friday, August 17th but I couldn’t wait. Every black cat holiday is a reason to celebrate, coo over mini-panthers and squish lingering superstitions. Every day we get closer to our goal and of course, every

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Black Cats Tell All: Nonprofit Anthology Fights Prejudice

Layla Morgan Wilde/ June 15, 2016/ Feline Fine Art/ 32 comments

Update: September. We have new Black Cats Tell All community pages on Facebook and Google+.  We’ll update news about  our progress on the book. Join, follow, tag @blackcatstellall and share your photos. Let’s celebrate our love for black cats everywhere. Check also our BCTA TAB in our header. Update: August. We did it! Black Cats Tell All: Amazing Black Cat

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Black Cat Lives Matter

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 5, 2016/ cat photo quotes, Cats/ 58 comments

Updated 2019. When we first posted, it was before our book Black Cats Tell All was published. Some thought the #Blackcatlivesmatter stance was racially insensitive so we removed all mention of it in our crowdfunding. At the time, one of the emerging cat advocates, Kitten Lady initially did not approve but when I did her a favor, she backpedaled but

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The Friskies Cat Video Awards Winner & Black Cat Hero

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 10, 2014/ Cats/ 24 comments

Chris Poole is a self-described crazy cat guy, the creative videographer behind the Cole and Marmalade web series on Animalist and this year’s “The Friskies” Grand Prize winner. He snapped up two of the coveted catuettes and $25,000. The Friskies is a win win way for the brand to give back. Viewers voted for their favorite videos and Friskies donated

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The Art of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 23, 2013/ Cat Behavior 101, cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays/ 19 comments

The Art of Kindness is Color Blind: Black Cats Count on Black Cat Awareness Month by Layla Morgan Wilde Kindness is a lifestyle we learn at home. Kids can be cruel: teasing, throwing rocks at cats or worse. Kindness is contagious and kids quickly learn what is acceptable behavior by observing the world around them. Little boys often get a

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