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Black Cat Appreciation Day News

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Attention, feline fanatics and cat connoisseurs! August 17th marks a day that’s as darkly delightful as a midnight moon – August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day and I’ve been singing or meowing it’s praises for years. Love this Black Cat oldie from the archives

In a shelter, a black cat did stay,

With eyes like the night, and fur’s ebony sway.

Though others passed by, They caught each other’s eye,

Now joy fills their lives every day.


I’d like to share my favorite Black Cat books and some news!

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Prepare to be spellbound as we delve into the captivating world of these elegant ebony creatures, dispelling myths, unveiling intriguing facts, and showcasing all the reasons why these furry friends deserve to be cherished and adopted.

Myth-busting First: Black Cats are NOT Bad Luck

lucky black cat

After years of advocating for black cat awareness (I founded Black Cat Awareness Month) I think we are finally making progress! After my book Black Cats Tell All was published, it paved the way for more positive black cat stories.

Black Cat_appreciation_day_catwisdom101
Let’s start (I know I’m preaching to the choir) by dispelling a centuries-old superstition – black cats crossing your path aren’t harbingers of doom! In fact, these sleek midnight marvels bring good fortune in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians considered black cats symbols of protection and prosperity, and the Japanese believe they bring luck, particularly in matters of love. So, if you ever spot a black cat slinking by, consider it a blessing in disguise!

Feline Fashionistas: Black Cats Are the Epitome of Elegance

Black cats boast a timeless charm that’s utterly captivating. Their inky coats exude an air of mystery, like little panthers prowling through your living room. Their mesmerizing eyes, which can be anything from deep gold to radiant green, draw you into their enchanting gaze. They’re like the Audrey Hepburns of the cat world – effortlessly elegant and and always in style.

Fun Facts to Impress Your Friends ( for the rare person who doesn’t know)

  • Did you know black cats come in various coat lengths? From short-haired beauties to long-haired fluffballs, there’s a black cat to match every cuddling preference.
  • Their black fur comes in an astounding 22 breeds!
  • While their fur may be ebony, many black cats have a hidden surprise – their skin is often pigmented as well, making them the ultimate witchy, goth cats, all the way down to their bones!
  • Black cats are known to be resilient survivors. Whether it’s surviving the elements or navigating tricky social situations with other felines, they’re experts at emerging unscathed.

Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat (or Two!)

  1. They’re low-maintenance fashionistas: Black cats don’t care about trends. Their classic elegance never goes out of style, which means they’re a timeless addition to your home.
  2. They’re just as loving: Don’t let the “cool cat” exterior fool you. Black cats are incredibly affectionate companions, eager to snuggle up with you after a long day.
  3. You’re saving a life: Black cats often face discrimination in shelters due to outdated superstitions. By adopting one, you’re giving a deserving feline a loving home and showing the world that their color doesn’t define their worth.
  4. They’re your lucky charm: Having a black cat around might just bring a little extra luck into your life. Plus, they’ll be a constant source of joy and entertainment.


A most magical place to adopt black cats has opened in Asheville, NC. It’s not only a cat cafe but a witchy vibed shop. A must visit if visiting Asheville or live in the area.

black cat adoption

AUGUST 19TH, 2023


Join us at Asheville’s newest cat cafe and metaphysical supplies shop for a day of fun with local artists and makers, vendors, black cats and kittens, magic, delicious vegan dishes from Pasta Prana, and other hijinks!

We’ll have a dozen MAGICAL local vendors ready to sling their wares plus multiple tarot and intuitive readers! Oddities, tarot, local art, cat toys and trinkets, and much more will be available!

Binx’s Home for Black Cats will be having a “Find Your Familiar” black cat adoption event on site and our animal communicator and intuitive reader, Shifra from Spiral Intuitive, will be offering readings and lend a hand with anyone interested in adopting.

There are hundreds of black cat accounts now on Instagram like our own @BlackCatsofIG

Search hashtags #blackcats, #Blackcatstellall, #blackcatsofig and #blackcatappreciation day or #BCAD. There is a huge black cat appreciation group on Facebook too.

So, this August 17th, consider opening your heart and home to a black cat in need. Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day by embracing these enchanting felines, and you’ll discover a world of endless love and purrfection!

When I launched my award-winning book Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images back in 2017, there were almost no books of positive black cat stories. I’m proud to say, there are quite a few wonderful new books like a new one from a cat featured in my book. The sassy Miss Penelope has much to say 🙂

Another cute black cat book.

There are a number of black cat board books and children’s books to encourage positive black cat vibes from an early age. I love this sweet new one.

This post is dedicated to my favorite house panther, Clyde. He is prancing over the rainbow bridge and still very much in touch. I’ve been in Finland and honestly not in the mood to blog but Clyde visited me in my dreams recently to remind me to get off my behind. He was always very bossy! He has a smart and sassy collection of blog posts that is his legacy including the now classic 20 Life Lessons From Kitty Heaven or his weekly column of black cat wit and wisdom.


I miss that big mancat! But if you are lucky enough to be owned by a black cat, you know what I mean.

cat mom clyde with cat clyde

I leave you with my favorite (shareable) black cat adoption graphics featuring Clyde. May the rest of your summer be sunny with furry shades of black.

Love from Layla (happily still in Helsinki)



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