A Happy Cat Makes A Happy Home

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a cat person who knows that a happy cat make a happy home. Cats are experts at making the best of situations. They know how to find the best places to perch, luxuriate in sun puddles or enjoy fresh breezes at an open window, like Ling Ling (seen below in her favorite spot).

Happiness and gratitude are kissing cousins. We’re happy and grateful for a surprise visit from the Fairy Hobmother who flits about the blogosphere bestowing gifts on bloggers who leave comments. We received a $30.00 Amazon gift certificate which we will use to buy goodies to donate to our local animal shelter. What would make us even happier? More cats finding happy forever homes. Ling Ling our foster has a potential new home. Stay tuned…

gratitude-happiness-cat-quote A Happy Cat Makes A Happy Home

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 A Happy Cat Makes A Happy Home

13 thoughts on “A Happy Cat Makes A Happy Home”

  1. Oops! We furgot to say how happy we’d be to see Ling Ling find her own home! So many deserving animals don’t have one. Keep us posted!

  2. The Fairy Hobmother is certainly very busy! She been at a lot of blogs recently. We’d like to win so we could donate it to Tails of Hope, the rescue Mica Moo came from. They are a no-kill rescue that specializes in difficult to place cats & dogs.

  3. Oh we agree that kitties seek what makes them happiest and generally that is their disposition. Oh to be more like them.

  4. It’s true – when Sam’s happy, all is right in my world. If he’s not feeling well or not acting his usual wacky self, things are more “tense” in our household in general. We all (Sam included) feed off each other in that way. Anxious to hear more about Ling Ling perhaps finding a forever home….!

    Pam and Sam

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