Cat Wisdom 101 Cats Blessed by Amma the Hugging Saint

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My mom, Layla was in NYC to see Amma, the hugging Saint, as she does every year. If a hug is like a handshake from the heart, Amma’s hugs are pure love from a realized being. Amma is a big animal lover and advocate  too. Layla thought she’d ask her to bless a photo of us Cat Wisdom 101 boys and she did. Thousands waited hours to see her and are given tokens that go in alphabetical order. Layla’s was N1 meaning her turn was in the middle of the night. Amma goes on tirelessly all night but  Layla needed to catch a train home and didn’t think she’d get a hug. But every year, a series of serendipitous events unfold, short of miraculous or at least magical. When she’d given up hope and ready to head home, she was whisked up the the dais where Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi happened to sit grooving next to Amma. Layla gave a smiling Amma our kitty photo for her blessing and received the best hug ever!

Amma says, “My religion is love.”  What a coincidence. So is ours!  It’s really very simple and cats already know it. We send all of you purrs of love for a good week.

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21 thoughts on “Cat Wisdom 101 Cats Blessed by Amma the Hugging Saint”

  1. Would Amma approve of spaying a cat? Back in fall a cat came and I guess we adopted each other .A lot of people say you are supposed to spay the cats. I have mixed feelings about it.

  2. there is water on Mrs.Whatsername’s face from just watching the Amma video, so we don’t know what would happen if she ever got lucky like Layla and got hugged. prol’ly she would explode. let’s hope she gets one of these Super Hugs soon, cuz then mebbe she’d get it out of her system and stop squeezing me all teh times. Good job being Blessed Layla!

  3. doodz….way happee yur mom wuz abe bull ta bee there for her hugs N way total lee happee everee one bee blessed by Amma de saint…total lee kewl ~~~~~~~

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