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World’s Oldest, Longest and Shortest Cats +

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The Guinness Book of World Records has a special feline edition video. I couldn’t help but notice the one thing all these cats share in common. Scroll to the end for my observation and to view the video of some exceptional cats.

While not an official world-breaking record yet, I’d love it to be. Today is Clear the Shelters, an adoption initiative sponsored by 11 NBC owned television stations. Click on the map of a city near you at ClearTheShelters to see what shelters are participating. You may be surprised to see what states have zero participation. Many of the hundreds of shelters are offering reduced adoption fees. If you’re not able to adopt, spread the word in your area.

It’s also National Check Your Chip Day. Check out our comprehensive post on microchips including a shareable infographic

The king of old cats is a Maine Coon named Corduroy who tuned 26 on August 1, 2015. There is nothing frail about this old boy. The world’s oldest cat still loves hunting outdoors for mice in Oregon, being petted and a treats of cheddar.

Corduroy oldest cat

The world’s shortest cat is Lilieput, tiny munchkin looks even shorter compared with Trouble, a Savannah.

Lilieput-shortest cat

Trouble-tallest cat

Sophie, boasts the longest fur on a cat. Can you imagine grooming her?

Sophie- longest fur cat

This gorgeous Calico, Missi has the most impressive whiskers I’ve ever seen. Not only are her muzzle whiskers long but look at her cheek whiskers and those above the eyelids.

missi-longest cat whiskers

Oh my whiskers! The longest leap by a cat is by Alley, a professional acrocat. Found in a Chicago alley by owner/trainer, Samantha Martin founder of cat performance troupe Acro-cats / Rockcats allows her cats to shine at what they love to do naturally. For Alley, she loved jumping and one thing led to another.

Did you figure out what all these world record holders share in common? None are solid colored.

Happy Caturday everyone! Do you have a cat with any unusual features?


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