Say NO to Pet Store Puppies & Win a Big ASPCA Goodie Bag

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Did you know most puppies and kittens sold in pet shops come from inhumane puppy mills? This Sunday, July 21st is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” the third year of our ASPCA campaign to fight puppy mills. In honor of this day, they launched a new video called “Meet Molly” which features young Molly with her dog Joey explaining how puppy mills are bad and why to avoid pet stores that sell puppies. We are passionate advocates against puppy mills and fully support the ASPCA campaign NO PET STORE PUPPIES

This adorable video of Molly is the new generation of animal advocates! Please share. If you’d like to win a big goodie bag from the ASPCA, (the above image includes of the cat and dog items handpicked exclusively for us) simply leave a comment and share this post. Tell us in you comment where you shared. Let’s spread the message until there are no more cruel pet breeding “mills”. This giveaway is limited to the U.S. and open until 11:59 pm ET, July 27. 2013. The winner will be announced next Sunday.

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You can vote once daily until July 31. Remember, all the winners get to donate thousands of dollars to shelter or rescue groups of their choice.

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51 thoughts on “Say NO to Pet Store Puppies & Win a Big ASPCA Goodie Bag”

  1. An individual necessarily help make significantly articles or blog posts I might express. This is actually the new My spouse and i been to your internet-site webpage and thus a lot? I actually stunned while using study you have made to produce this particular set up incredible. Fantastic task!

  2. It’s good to have kids involved in animal rights and safety from an early age. I shared this on facebook.

  3. San Diego, California made retail pet stores illegal to prevent the sale of puppies, kittens and rabbits from animal mills. Yay!

  4. So many cute animals can be found at your local animal shelter. That’s the best place to adopt your new furry from.

  5. Mommy doesn’t understand why anyone would buy an animal when there are so many at the shelter looking for homes. You can even get purebreds from rescues, if that’s what you want. She thinks us mixes are the best, though. Thank you for this post and please enter me in the drawing for the goodie bag. I shared this on twitter and facebook. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  6. Puppy Mills and the pet shops who sell them are evil. I also agree about all this cross breeding going on, just to make money, it’s sick!

    I pinned, and shared on FB

  7. So sad to hear they still have so many of these places. Poor puppies. That was a cute video with the little girl. I shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. I shared on twitter and the peep shared on FB. Don’t enter me in the contest, though, ’cause, you know… I’m a Canadian kitty. But the message is so important and that’s why we shared!


  9. I am disturbed by the number of people these days who are cross breading them cute little names like Labradoodle..and charging enormous amounts of money for them..There are plenty of awesome dogs waiting in shelters for good homes..why breed more and add to the problem..and the more that people buy these cross breeds..the more of them they come up with..Come on people..Don’t feed the greed!!!

  10. I signed the pledge – and I hope from the bottom of my heart that no one will support the puppy-mills or kitten-mills with buying a puppy or kiutten in store.

  11. STOP the INSANITY!!! We have to stop the irresponsible,cruel and inhumane breeding and selling of ANY animal! Kick,scream,post,share,sign,file formal complaints,protest,publicize, donate,do anything you can to help stop the insanity!
    We send purrs to all that may be suffering any kind of cruelity,abuse or neglect no matter what they are or where they are…ITS JUST WRONG!!!
    Luv Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  12. I’d love to win. I hate puppy mills and everyone involved with them will eventually have to stand for it.

  13. What a great cause. So many people buy pet store puppies not understanding what they are doing, but the word is slowly getting out.

    We’ll leave the prizes to someone else, but we did notice something in the photo: When did the Walker’s cookie people start making dog-shaped cookies? Those are adorable!

  14. Our city recently voted to ban the sale of cats and dogs at pet stores. Most already adopt out via our local shelter, but there were one or two especially greedy store owners that still sold puppies and kittens.

    This is a great step, but does nothing for all the “for sale” and “free to a good home” pets advertised via Kijiji and other on-line sites like Craigslist. Or backyard breeders selling at flea markets, etc.

    1. Thanks for pointing out these other “buyer beware” sources like Craigslist and flea market market breeders. A person might have the best intentions to place a “free to good home” ad but they have no way of knowing that the animal won’t be abused or sold for lab experimentation or dog fight bait.

  15. Many years ago my sister got a precious little shih-Tzu pup from a pet store – neither of us were aware of the horror stories of puppy mills way back then…obviously. Little Ralph was adorable but had more than his share of health problems thanks to his puppy mill history. I think a LOT of people just see a cute puppy or kitten in the cage in pet stores and never ask where they came from. Since those days both my sister and I have adopted either rescues or shelter animals……never again a pet store pet. The more people buy their pets there the more demand there will be for puppy mills to produce more and more…’s just desperately sad. What a great cause this is – THANK YOU ASPCA.

    Pam and Sam

  16. I often hear people talk about how they feel sorry for the puppies, and they honestly believe that they are saving the puppy’s life by purchasing it, when in fact they are simply opening up another spot for yet another puppy born at the mill and taken away from its mother far too early. So what happens when nobody purchases a puppy? Simple math! The puppy’s price continues to be marked down to such a low price that the store stops making money on puppy sales. So what happens when any product, or in this case the puppy, doesn’t make a profit? The selling stops, the circle of abuse stops, and we’re one step closer to shutting down more puppy mills.

    I often wonder how many people purchased Pomeranian puppies with papers that show the Dam as “Queen of Spades”. I’m sure that the consumers were told what a lovely breeder the pups came from, and how they’re not from a puppy mill, only breeders they know. It’s a sales tactic, and nothing could be further from the truth! The truth is the horrific places that these pups come from. The letters AKC, CKC, etc. mean absolutely nothing in terms of health, background, and temperament of the puppies.

    You see, “Queen of Spades” is my Pomeranian, now named Sarah. I adopted Sarah after the sudden loss of my 14 year old Pom, Symba, in 2010. Sarah was born at a horrific puppy mill in Florida and kept as “breeding stock”, presumably due to her unique coloring. The first year with Sarah was the most heart wrenching experience I have ever gone through. My heart broke over and over as she struggled to adjust to her new world outside the confines of the small cage that held her prisoner for her entire life. There were many times over that first year that I questioned my ability to help her, and more importantly, to give her a happy life. Progress was painfully slow, and more often than not, I felt defeated. Baby steps.

    Sarah suffered irreparable damage both physically and emotionally at the hands of her abusers. Her front legs are bowed from standing on wire, she has bilateral luxating patella, collapsing trachea and a whole host of other issues. She will never be “normal”, and it’s doubtful that she will ever trust anyone but me. Her psychological issues are still painful to witness at times. Could a dog such as this really produce healthy and well adjusted puppies? The answer is NO!

    With all of that said, it seems wrong to say that she was one of the lucky ones, but she is, because she made it out of that hell alive. Many do not. They’re either bred to death or put to death inhumanely when they stop producing puppies…cash. It’s all about the money.

    Three years post adoption, and Sarah initiated cuddling for the first time recently. We’re still taking baby steps, and as we continue to move forward, Sarah will always be loved, adored, and spoiled. I think that she knows that now. Some dogs spirits are so broken that they never come back, and never trust again.

    When you see those cute little puppies, think about their parents, the true prisoners of greed.

  17. This is a great cause. I would never buy a puppy from a pet store, not only because they often times come from puppy mills but because my two cats would never allow me to. Please enter me in this giveaway for the ASPCA goodie bag.

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