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Bookstore Cats Book Giveaway

Bookstore Cats_giveaway

We have a delightful book giveaway from Glitterati, the famed New York-based publisher known for high-end coffee table books. They just published a book about bookstore cats and you could win a copy. It’s simply called Bookstore Cats, (naturally) and the purrfectly curated collection by the assistant publisher himself, Brandon Shultz is a joy to behold.  My mom, Layla spoke with Brandon recently and can confirm he is a serious cat man. He also happens to meet cats (and posts pics) from his travels as a globe-trotting travel writer. His cat Lucy co-wrote his book Cooking for Two–Your Cat & You!: Delicious Recipes for You and Your Favorite Feline. She sounds like my kind of cat.

We’re very fond of working cats at Cat Wisdom 101 and cats who write books are a special breed. Not all cats can write but most cats love books so a working in book store is a perfect fit. It’s not an easy job but the cats in Book Store Cats make it look effortless.


The cats of every age, type and color are literary ambassadors, book critics, welcoming committee, and cuddly browsing assistants designed to melt hearts. Some are charmers while others are more aloof but all add heart and soul to the book shops. Buying this book is the next best thing to seeing them in person. You can see them hard at work (or slacking at the job) at an eclectic selection of independent bookstores from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.

The beautifully designed and hefty hardcover with book ribbon is a quality gift for any cat lover. The book includes cat poetry, lists of books with cats as characters and other feline literary ephemera. Warning! It will make you want to visit the bookstore cats in person. Bravo to Brandon Schultz for championing indie booksellers and the many nuanced charms of cats.

I’m smitten with Mao, the only female at The Book Barn in Niantic, Connecticut and it so happens I was born in Connecticut too. Maybe time for a road trip? Nice Facebook page too.


I must confess to having a few favorites. Forgive me for favoring my own kind. There are several black cats but my favorite is Onyx from Cat Tales Bookstore in Indiana. What’s different about them is all their cats are adoptable like those at cat cafes. Not only can you find bargain used books but perhaps your new best friend. Check out their new cuties Blackie and Dory!


We’ve been working our furry tails off on our own book and calendar so I’ll make it easy for you to enter the giveaway. Simply leave a comment

Bookstore Cats Giveaway Details:

  • Simply leave a comment at this blog post before 11:59 pm ET on Sept. 17, 2017.
  • Be a Cat Wisdom 101 subscriber.
  • This giveaway is open internationally.
  • The winner will be notified via email and announced on this blog on Sept. 18, 2017.
  • Bonus entry if you retweet this post or regram on Instagram.














Good luck and have a good week,

Love Clyde 

39 thoughts on “Bookstore Cats Book Giveaway

  1. I love cats and shopping at book stores. What could be a better than reading about book store cats? I would sit in the middle of our resident cats and our foster cats and kittens and read aloud to them.

  2. Don’t need the coffee table, just the book. Having surgery on September 25th so this would be nice to read and hug during recovery.

  3. Omcat! How wonderful! Clyde you are adorable reading your book! ? Always loved bookstore kitty’s! @blackcats_of_the_house_cimbala

  4. Joy Joy Joy !!!! Another FURBULOUS CAT BOOK!
    We had a library cat nearby but silly people stirred up a stick about it so she had to “retire” from her position as head librarian!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

      1. I think something was mentioned about that but I think the whole thing was just anti cat.
        Skeeter and Izzy

  5. That looks to be a great book to spend hours poring over!
    I do not think there is a library kitty around here, but there are some ‘store’ kitties, including one in a shoe store!! He has a tower right in the display window and one can often see him there when you drive by.
    (I used to take my kids there when they were toddlers because they specialize in kids orthopedic shoes…but there was no kitty then. Mr Mark must have gotten kitty fever after that time, MOL!)

  6. Hannah cat & I can’t wait to see this adorable book! What more in life does one need than a cat, a bookstore & a cup of coffee or tea!

  7. Fantastic book; always thought owning a bookstore would be the coolest job on the planet…and of course my cat would be with me. I posted on FB, I’m gonna try on Instagram and Twitter (rather new to this process!) Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tweeting as Eastside Cats

  8. Fantastic book; always thought owning a bookstore would be the coolest job on the planet…and of course my cat would be with me. I posted on FB, I’m gonna try on Instagram and Twitter (rather new to this process!) Thanks for the giveaway!

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