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Finding Hope When Everything Seems Hopeless: Life & Radish The Cat

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Quick Update: I think miracle # 3 just happened. After I posted this last night, Radish struggled to breathe and he lost all mobility in his hind legs. I spent much of the night with him in soul to soul communion. This morning he responded well to the nebulizer, wanted desperately to have his nature healing time and I spent all day in the garden with him, doing his syringe feeding outdoors where he drank spring water for the first time in two days and responded to the crinkle sound of treats. It was the first time he’d eaten anything on his own in days and then, wonder of wonders he ate a bit of raw Primal again on his own. Best of all, he regained full use of his hind legs. Your purrs and prayers are working! Thank-you. The next step is introducing a compounded prescription for thyroid. I posted a bunch of new #Saving Radish photos of the past few days on Instagram That’s where you’ll find the most recent udates.

Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. After two HBO word weeks, a shelter cat rescue gone awry miscommunication from friends, clients and a series of bizarre incidents I don’t have the energy to write about, the tech gods say, “Oh, let’s give this over-extended cat lover a break!”. My desktop computer and favorite place to write and photo edit dies and not just dies but my computer guy is so flummoxed I don’t even have an estimate yet. Then my laptop fizzles and my cell, well don’t ask. And never mind the poison ivy. It was worth going barefoot for.

Why I’m not able to work or blog as usual

My life changed last week when I signed a waiver for legal responsibility for Radish a shelter cat who had was on a bite hold and kill-list of a no kill shelter where I volunteer. He remained caged without being vetted for three months. My sense was this cat was not inherently aggressive but needed veterinary attention. The shelter claimed he was too aggressive to be vetted without sedation and didn’t have the funds. I raised $1000 for my mobile vet to do a thorough vetting and determined Radish was much older than originally thought (about 14+) with multiple health issues from dental, thyroid, liver and heart conditons. I was out of town at the time of the vetting and when I returned to pick up Radish, he was in poor condition. How poor, I didn’t realize until I got him and he could hardly walk.

I never expected to become the guardian of a critical care cat. My plan was to get him vetted, nurse him back to health and find the ideal forever home and a real second chance at life. The treatment plan was to treat the thyroid first with diet once I picked him up as his guardian, but in the interim, he’d lost his appetite and his liver condition worsened. He’d been seen by two vets since and is on a new protocol of sub-q fuids and nebulizer twice daily, high calorie critical care cat food via syringe every three hours, homeopathy and supplements plus Reiki several times a day. It’s all consuming while juggling the needs of our other four special needs cats and we need all the help we can get for Radish to have a fighting chance. No shelter cat should have to suffer like Radish for what could have been easily avoided with proper veterinary care.

The Radish Report

Radish, the scawny 5.3 lb ginger and cream rescue cat with a giant will to live developed a nasty URI a few days ago. He’d been doing well, eating raw, supplemented with syringe feeding, his jaundiced-yellow mouth and ears fading to normal when he snuffled all stuffy nose and runny eyes. It changed everything. His meager appetite vanished as did any hope of normal sleep or work for me. Everything business or personal was cancelled, delayed or forgotten about.

Syringe feedings increased to every two to three hours, with mega coaxing, spillage of food (his) and tears (mine). Extra supplements added, homeopathic remedies ordered and prayers offered to the cat gods to please, please not let the contagion impact the other cats. Radish has a complicated hyperthyroid condition coupled with liver failure and an enlarged heart ( I like to think it as full of love). Hubby has taken twice daily sub-Q duty and fallen deeply in love with him. I’m writing this with with Radish snorfling in the background dragging his failing hind legs just to be close to me. We have some crazy kind of karma. An animal communicator friend said he was my familiar from ancient Egypt days. Whatever it is, all I know is I feel duty bound to help him fullfill his destiny. Euthansia became an option again. Radish firmly made his choice, again. No, not now.

For a nailbiting few days we waited and debated going to yet another vet but decided not to stress Radish out anymore after the other vet debacle. Our mobile vet, Dr. G. couldn’t visit until Thursday and I’m grateful for all the support by email and landline this week. Dr. G. first examined him at the shelter two weeks ago and was happy to see him in a more relaxed setting. A mobile clinic on wheels is a true gift. Hubby carried Radish in his arms as if he were his newborn baby. I opened the door prepared for anything, exhausted as any mom with a newborn or sick child. The former “monster” biter cat hasn’t taken so much as a nip. Hubby loves nuzzling and kissing his neck while I prefer gently stroking his bony body. Syringe feeding is messy and he lets me wipe his mouth and even extends a white paw to help me clean him. Dr. G. was just as gentle examining him. The prognosis isn’t great but Dr. G. says, “There’s hope but it’s good to be prepared for the worst.” So were adding a nebulizer, Clavamox, switching from a thyroid diet to Hill prescription Critical Care food and mixing in a whole lot of love and hope at our kitty sanitorium.

I’m not sure when I’ll post next but I’m doing a daily #savingradish photo or two on Instagram. Follow us or just stop by www.instagram/catwisdom101. There’s also a photo link in our footer. I’m doing a little tweeting at www.twitter.com/catwisdom101 and minimal Facebook. My other blog is on hiatus, kind of like my life for now. Re-posting this pic feels appropriate. If you’re inclined to make a donation, please do. Radish is my full time avocation right now.

Radish cat prayer Bast

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  • Dolly the Doxie

    I am in comlpete awe of your compassion and determination to help save Radish. I personally cannot stand to see an animal suffer and of course I can’t know if he is or not. I only hope you are doing what’s best for the cat.

  • Karen

    What a blessing that you saved his life and no matter the outcome he is knowing love and tender care and compassion. God bless him and you and HH

  • Penelope

    Oh Layla! You are the best. Alas, all I can do is send strength and love. I wish I could help monetarily, but our financial situation is precarious at the moment.
    We love you and all the other guys (and Lady Nou Nou) and Nellie sends gentle cat love bites to Merlin.

  • Katie Isabella

    I am just awed by your goodness and kindness to all and right now to precious innocent Radish. Thank you with all my heart.

  • KitKat

    Purring and praying for you Radish. Hope you can get through these difficult times.
    Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  • Hannah and Lucy

    I have been having a few days where I have only blogged and read intermitantly and have only just read about your sweet Radish. I hope that your love for him and his for you and your husband will start him on the road to better health. I’m sending my love and Hannah and Lucy are sending healing purrs for him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  • Elaine Hutzelman

    Trinity, my 10 year old, and my 3 fosters send you these thoughts-” O Lord, physician of all living things, who through thy love and compassion doth heal all manner of sickness and affliction: do thou O Lord visit this cat Radish of his suffering and heal him of every affliction. Also grant me patience and acceptance of whatever you may deem worthy for this humble cat. Be with Radish in this time of need and help him to he comforted by our care and love.”

  • ellen

    To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all and really what lfe is about…. Radish has just begun to learn to love again. It will be up to him when he gets his fill to stay or to go, but either way it will be full of love as he so desperately needed.
    This Ginger boy has your heart and the heart of many others.
    Purrs fella, you are in wonderful care, just look in their eyes.

  • Darlene Arden, C.A.B.C.

    I’m still praying for sweet little Radish. Thank God he has you and Joe. One way or another that shelter would have killed him. Please kiss him for me. Whatever happens, he knows he’s loved, that he finally has a real home with real pet parents who truly care.

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Mum & Fur sibs

    You never cease to amaze me with the full load you normally have and one critical care cat of your own, let alone taking on the dire needs of this cat nobody, including fellow advocates at the shelter, wanted to help. I understand the overwhelming needs of shelters and how they do the best they can, but in my opinion in this case that is a cop out. Three months in a cage with no vetting?! Even if he bit, they couldn’t put sedatives in food so he could then be examined? No cat should go without seeing a vet upon entry to any rescue or shelter.
    Maybe I am prejudice being that I am Mom to a cat who was terrified while caged like Radish, who just needed a calm area, home, patience to relax and find trust again, but was there no volunteer willing to bring him home to try and see if that changed things?
    I am fortunate that the rescue my Clove came from understood her needs and when cats under stress at the cattery do not do well, they will return them to a home, foster care to relax and have a break. Clove continued to be evaluated daily and be given love by volunteers to help her adjust. It helped but was still not the situation for her as she sat waiting a long time while other cats were adopted, being passed by for her anxiety and tendency to lash out. Having many advocates on her behalf who knew her sweet side and potential, fate brought us together when a fellow friend and animal advocate who also volunteered with the rescue told me about her. I arranged to come by and meet her, and while I was there I witnessed her scratch and nip at three other people, she never once did to me and even allowed me to feed her treats. I knew if that wasn’t a sign nothing was and filled out the papers to take her home a few days later.
    I believe my angel fur babies and this angel of a friend working on Clove’s behalf to bring us together, just like I have no doubt the same is true for you and Radish.
    You deserve a lot of credit and gratitude for caring for Radish, I don’t think people understand the work involved in caring for a critically ill cat unless they have cared for one themselves. It is a 24/7 job– exhausting, expensive, emotional. Having been through syringe feeding, inhalers, medications, endless vet visits, and watching over them all night with my last two angels, I empathize with and commend you. Ms. Phoebe’s last few months took a toll on me I still haven’t fully recovered from a year and a half later. Finding out my senior former feral Kaspars is in the early stages of kidney disease a few months ago was devastating- I didn’t have the energy to do palliative care again but fortunately medicine and a prescription diet have stabilized him and he is doing well. I know this could change at any time, but we are remaining positive and trying to keep him as calm and healthy as possible.
    We send you, the family, and Radish love and healing purrs, thoughts, and prayers that this ginger with such a strong will continue to recover to be with us a lot longer. He deserves all that and more, and is owed as much for all the humans before who failed him. I am relieved and touched he will at least get every chance to do so under your devoted care.

  • PepiSmartDog

    So sorry to read about Radish’s trials. Keeping him wrapped in love is a wonderful healer, along with all his medicines. We will keep Radish in our prayers and follow his story. Wishing him strength and comfort to get well real soon.

  • Carolyn

    Just seen your update, Layla and are quietly happy and hopeful. Austin is sending his megapurrs – and boy, does he know how to purr!! Am following you in IG 🙂 xxx

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    We haven’t stopped purring and praying for you all. We just ask that it is ok no matter the outcome. We would send you a huge box of strength and energy if we could but we can only send our love and prayers.
    We are so thankful that Radish has you guys. Maybe the universe is forcing you to revisit your life with all of the goings on. Maybe Radish is the wind of change blowing…. just breathe and know we love you guys and let the breeze carry you all wherever you are meant to go.
    All our Luvs and energy and purrs and prayers and hope and peace to you all,
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

      • Skeeter and Izzy

        We just sent up another thank you prayer for the joyful news about our dear friend Radish. We know that every thought, prayer and purr help.
        You just continue to do what you nee to do and know that we love and support you all and we will be here when you have time to get back to blogging. You have much more important things to do.
        May all the powers that be in this universe shine their light and love on you and your entire Family and All that are doing the same as you all over the world. We love you!

        Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • meowmeowmans

    Thank you for all you are doing for Radish. We know he feels the love you are giving him, and obviously, he is returning that to you and hubby. Please know we are purring and praying, and sending love to you all.

  • Katie Isabella

    I am so sorry. My heart hurts reading this both for him and certainly for you. God’s blessings on you, your husband and Radish. Thank you for being you..loving and compassionate.

  • Everycat

    Radish we are sending you big rumbly purrs and lots of love to help you get well. Everyone is rooting for you Radish. Keep fighting and get well soonest

    Mungo & Jet

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Layla, with all my own cr*p, I’ve been negligent in blogging and had no idea what was going on at your home. I’m sorry Radish is so sick and am sending all the universal healing white Light I can muster, for him and for you all. I don’t think anyone could take better care of Radish–whatever happens, for his Highest Good, he’s surrounded by love and the very best care possible. Hugs and peace, and purrs from Nicki and Derry.


  • Annabelle

    He is showing you his will and what a will it is Layla. I am so sorry for all the heavens have poured down on you. Hope. That is enough. Let’s all hope and send up purrs, prayers or words of hope to whomever that Radish will get through this to have whatever time is left in his 9 lives to share. HUGS

  • Kathryn

    I was so prepared for the worst news about Radish.

    Yay for Hero Hubby, Loving Layla and Remarkably Resilient Radish, the team of HH and LL will help RRR live!

    Just take whatever time you need to recoop.

    Taking care of a baby human or cat – (very similar) is extremely exhausting.

    I am so happy RRR loves HH.

    Ched and Mao are happy, too.

    (Mao tried to eat the flowers on my angora wool beret. See flower–> must eat.) Silly boy. I don’t let him eat real flowers, either. He killed the Gerbera Mother’s Day plant by eating the leaves…) Son checked first that it is a safe plant.

      • Kathryn

        Just read your update. Do what you have to do. Radish has never been happier than he is now. RRR has a lovely home with you and HH and the other four, M, D, O and NN. He appreciates everything and loves you LL and HH to bits. No matter how long… Radish is loved and he knows it. You’re a goddess.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we haz knot stopped askin St Franicis ta watch out for & watch over ewe; N we will keep askin him everee day ta watch out for N watch over ewe
    ……all hiz blessings & then sum ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ ya gottta eat dood ta gain yur strengthz….even if itz…burd…..♥♥♥♥♥

  • easy rider

    It was so good to read “there is hope” even when you have to be prepared…
    and I hope with you for Radish…
    I’m so sorry that you have to go through this computer/laptop/phone problems… it’s so unfair that it always happens at the wrong time when we have anyway sorrows…

  • jansfunnyfarm

    Such a shame he is having so many health problems, but Radish is so fortunate to have love and attention in your home. Your post has us all teary. A warm hug, purrs and paw taps.

  • Sammy

    All I can say is that I’m sending every ounce of energy to you and your husband and every possible healing thought to Radish. He obviously wants to bask in the love he’s FINALLY feeling in his long life for as long as he can…..he has an amazing will…..and if he has ANY chance, you’ve given it to him.

    Love, Pam (and Sammy who sends GINGER hugs to Radish)

  • Bernadette

    Mercury retrograde ended yesterday, and sounds as if it went out with a bang for you. Possibly a big sign to stop everything you are doing and change course? Nature is never that obvious! Hope everything turns around for you and Radish. He just needed full-time love.

  • The Island Cats

    Miss Layla, we’re so glad Radish is in your care. Don’t worry about blogging, tweeting, pinning, etc. That will be there once Radish is well…yes, we’re being optimistic about him because we know in your care, he has a good chance. Purrs….

  • Maggie

    Whew. Sending sympathy and love to you and your husband, Layla. I’m glad that Radish seems to be showing his true nature and loving you. I hope the poison ivy will clear up, all devises recover, peace and health reign very soon.

  • Flynn

    He is such a dear and sweet looking boy. You are doing everything possible to help him and he couldn’t be in better hands. The most important thing is love. He knows how much he is loved by you and hubby and if anything will help him pull through, that will. I send my love also and Flynn sends his purrs.

  • Summer

    Poor Radish – all those meds, sub-q’s and more! I’m so glad he’s got a pair of loving humans who are doing everything they can for him. Purrs to him, and to you.

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