Lucky Black Cat Friday The 13th With Purrrcast Podcast Muse Samba

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Lucky Black Cat Friday The 13th With Purrrcast Podcast Muse Samba Q & A by Layla Morgan Wilde

To counter the negative, unlucky vibe of Friday the 13th, we’re turning on the black cat charm three ways:

1) Check out our post: 5 Fab Ways Friday the 13th is Lucky For These Black Cats at Cole and Marmalade.

2) Find out the root of Friday the 13th and see Lucky Black Cat art

3) Meet Samba, feline muse of Sara Iyer, co-host with Steven Ray Morris of the weekly Podcast The Purrrcast. I recently got hooked on the L.A. based podcast where the host interview a wide range of cat lovers in the most chill style possible. They celebrated their 138th episode this week and Oprah recently named The Purrrcast one of her top 3 pet podcasts.


Q & A For Samba about Friday The 13th

Samba, can you share your thoughts about Friday the 13th?

Some people are scared of Friday the 13th, but some people are scared of black kitties! People can just be wrong about things sometimes. Friday the 13th is a good day to walk under a ladder, break a mirror, and pet a black kitty! Make sure you clean up the glass from the mirror though before you pet the kitty. That’s just common sense.

Tell us a little about your cat mom Sara Iyer and Purrrcast.

Sometimes mama comes home smelling like other kittens! And sometimes I hear her listening to her own voice coming out of the box she looks at cat videos on, and she and a strange man I swear I’ve never met before are talking about kittens other than me! I’m very offended! But then she also talks about me a lot. The whole show should be about me, but it isn’t. Also, what is this “pawed cast” thing people keep talking about?? But mama is the best mama! We cuddle in the mornings before she goes to work and then when she comes home we cuddle some more. She gives the best neck scratchies and she feeds me wet food! My favorite thing to do is to sit on her lap while she watches the TV box. She’s the only person I like. Everyone else is scary!


You can always count on cats to tell it like it is. Samba reveals all from our famous Purrsonality Profile. Yes, the one from our book: Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images. There are over 100 black cats featured with stories and purrfect profiles including Cole from Cole and Marmalade and the hysterical Sophie @sophie_the_model

Black Cats Tell All Purrsonality profile by Samba

Name origin, any nicknames and where adopted:

I guess my name is Samba, but mama usually calls me Samby, Baby, Baby Boo, Baby Boo Kittenface, or Mama’s Favorite. She says I’m feisty and sometimes I’ll make air biscuits while standing up and it looks like I’m dancing! I came from an animal shelter in a land called “Burbank”.




Domestic Shorthair

Birthday (if known) or Gotcha Day (day adopted):

Born April 2010, picked out from the shelter January 4th, 2011, and brought home from the shelter January 6th, 2011.


12.5 lbs (I’m slimming down though, vet’s orders!)


Any unusual or special characteristics:

A white tuft of fur on my lower belly.

Zodiac Sign (if known or best guesstimate):

Taurus (I was born in April and I get along well with my mama, who’s a Cancer!)


Quality Control Technician for fleecy blankets, wet food, and all the toys they sell at Petco.

Religion (if any):

I believe in a higher power, but it’s me. And I’m literally higher, I’m up on the very top of my cat tree.

Interests or hobbies:

Watching the fishy in the aquarium, looking out the window, sitting on mama’s lap, cuddling with mama, eating wet food. I also love boxes from Costco!


Pet Peeve:

Having my face or butt wiped! Not getting fed soon enough. Also the kitty in the hallway who keeps wanting to play with me and sits by my door!

Favorite quote:

“Are you hungry?” – mama, right before I get wet food.

What is your idea of purrfect happiness?

Being full of tuna and on mama’s lap.

What would you choose as your superpower?

The ability to open all the wet food.

What is your favorite food or treat?

Tuna! Anything with fish! I try to catch the fish in the aquarium, but there’s some invisible barrier my paw can’t get through!

What is your favorite toy or game?

Hair ties (only supervised, mama says she doesn’t want me eating them).



Why should people adopt black cats?

We’re pretty and silly and mysterious! Our fur doesn’t show up on your black clothes, and it looks really neat on your white clothes. Sometimes if we hide in dark shelves or drawers, we just look like a pair of eyes.


Follow Samba @saraiyer and @thepurrrcast on Instagram, Facebook and their new private Facebook group for more furry fun.

Happy Friday The 13th! Don’t you feel more lucky now?



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