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Catspeak Lesson #1 in Intuitive Feline Communication.

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Welcome to Mondays with Merlin and a lesson on Feline Communication.

Excuse me while I finish my breakfast in bed. That’s right: breakfast in bed and I get a midnight snack in bed while snuggling with my mom, Layla. It’s one of the perks of being an old cat with kidney disease. With CKD, the appetite wanes and vomiting increases along with more frequent water consumption and urination. I can’t eat much at a sitting so I get fed pretty well on demand 24/7. Sometimes I cry for food. Sometimes I communicate by non-verbal messages. Sometimes by pee-mail. Humans can be so obtuse.

All cats communicate with us all the time and the easiest way to begin to learn our non-meow ways is to simply spend time being with us. That’s right, I told you it was simple. Get comfortable in bed or on the couch, chair, on the rug or wherever your cats like hanging out. If you have lap cats, they can sit on your lap but they don’t have to. Sometime a cozy cuddle is good but sometimes it’s better if you’re a few feet away. Sit with us undisturbed by TV, cell phones and yeah, a little thing called the Internet.

The more you hang out with us cats just being, breathing, feeling, observing, you will naturally absorb and learn our secrets. Even a cat who seems to be asleep with their eyes closed has more awareness than most humans. One last thing: don’t stare without blinking; it’s rude and we’ll perceive you as a predator. Try a nice slow blink while looking us in the eye and then look away. If you’re not a complete jerk, we’ll slow blink you back.

Watching a cat in repose is naturally relaxing. When you feel relaxed, notice your own breathing and notice it becoming deeper and slower. When you feel more relaxed, imagine an invisible roots extending from your feet deep into the earth grounding you. When you feel grounded and focused, you are ready to communicate with your cat. You can speak out loud or silently with your mind. Reserve judgement about being a weirdo or doubting Thomas. You have nothing to lose by trying and much to gain.

Tell your cat you are learning to communicate with them in a new way.

  • Ask them if it’s okay to give you a sign like moving their head to prove you’ve been heard. If they do, thank them. Thank them in any case.
  • Proceed by asking a simple question like: what is your favorite toy? Still your mind and wait. You may hear words in your mind, see an image or a symbol, maybe even perceive a smell or a feeling in your body. Again, let go of any judgement or expectation. Observe your cats body language.
  • Don’t bombard you cat with lots of questions. Keep the session short and simple.
  • Feel a big cloud of love going from your heart into theirs. Say I love you. Thank-you them again.
  • Imagine your cat already understands what you’re saying. Once you believe that’s possible, anything is possible.

Lesson #2: Practice makes purrfect.


  • Mollie

    Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent blog!

  • Bernadette

    I was so dense years ago that Kublai had to literally put words in my head while he was staring at me, or I never would have caught on. Of course, then I realized he’d been talking to me all along!

    Glad to see Merlin is still running the show.

    Also glad I can finally comment again! Browser issues, I think.

  • Laura & Taffy

    Yes, Merlin, humans need to learn the stillness of the cat. Thanks for putting it so well.

    We are purring that you be as comfortable and happy as possible, surrounding you with golden light. Purrs.

  • Katie Isabella

    Merlin, my love…please be comfortable as you can be and know all of we mom’s who have had older kitties know what your mom and you are going through. Love and kissies dear one. xxoo

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Love is never a secret thing,it cannot be hidden if truly felt,the heart will always speak softly and silently what the mind may not be able to put to word. Our hearts speak to you Merlin with love of the purest and gentlest kind. Soft, sweet, rumbly purrs to you dear one. Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^–^<

  • Tamago

    Oh Merlin, you are a very happy kitty to have so much love and care. Your lesson is wonderful. I believe my boys understand what I say, especially “I love you” and “you are so cute!”

  • CATachresis

    I think I have this without even knowing! It is definitely something that comes with time spent with a cat … and with humans too – the ones that don’t verbalise so much!! Big (((hugs))) for Merlin xx

  • The Island Cats

    Merlin, the humans have a hard time understanding us cats! And we don’t know why…we think we’re so easy to understand! Thanks for this lesson…this will help them.

    We’re purring for you, Merlin. Hang in there!

  • Bellen

    I read on the Cat Blogosphere site that Merlin is feeling poorly. I hope he improves today and has many more good and enjoyable years ahead of him. Good luck to all there.

  • Cat's Cats

    Merlin you are very wise kitty!!! My cats communicate with me loud and clear, I always know what the are saying even if they are not meowing.

    The boys send lots of purrs to you Merlin and hope you feel okay 🙂

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Purrs and universal Light for Merlin and for you all.

    Wonderful post…but trying to get a human to be still, without any distraction, including the internet, is pretty tough. Wonder how they managed without all of that stuff, in days gone by. 🙂

  • Kathryn

    Aww, I love this. It is true about our breathing and we sleep deeper when we sleep with cats, because our breathing matches theirs.

    Merlin is so adorable.

    Well, time for my bed time with my cats. I love it when Ched tucks next to me. He throws himself into me and sleeps deeply and so do I.

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