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Vintage Halloween Art, Pumpkins, Black Cats, and Forever Homes

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Vintage Halloween Art, Pumpkins, Black Cats, and Forever Homes

love a black cat

Every Wednesday for the past six weeks, we’ve celebrated and advocated for black cat awareness and adoption by showcasing the beauty, mystery, magic and good luck of black cats in art and unique vintage collectibles. We shared photos of some remarkable black cats and their tragic or heroic stories who need homes. It’s our hope that one day there won’t be a need to dispel myths and superstitions and all black cats will be safe from cruelty. For now, black cats in the U.S.remain the least adoptable of all cats in shelters. It’s up to us to change that and we can, by one conversation and one action at a time. If you missed the first posts of our series, click here and here which show black cats aren’t cats from hell or scary.

Black cat and pumpkin

This week’s black cat adoption spotlight is on Tucker from The Annex Cat Rescue. When I founded the group in 1997, we implemented a policy ensuring any cat adopted could be returned at any time. Tucker and his brother Tipper are examples of this policy. Adoption is at the best of times a forever home, but life is unpredictable. Almost ten years ago Tipper and Tucker were adopted from the ACR as kittens but unfortunately their human dad got very sick returned them when he was no longer able to care for them.

Tucker is a gorgeous, black cat with a long, soft coat of fur and white belly who loves to be brushed and will come running when the comb comes out. Tipper is handsome black and white mancat who likes to give soft love bites. Both brothers are social, lovable cats, and fun to have around. Both come to the door when their humans come home from work or an evening out. Tucker is a bit shy of strangers, but warms up quickly and enjoys warm laps and cuddles. Tucker is chatty and not shy about letting know when he is hungry, wants to be brushed or when he would like a treat. Tipper and Tucker have been together their entire lives and ideally should be adopted together but they will consider adopting them separately. They would do best in a home without small children. Both cats include 6 weeks of pre-paid pet health insurance. Everyone deserves a second chance. To learn more about these boys visit Annex Cat Rescue

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This vintage cast iron door stop is a charming addition to any home. Somebody should make a reproduction!

black cat cat iron doorstop












Long before the wide-eyed animate cartoon and Hello Kitty, there were sad-eyed figurines.

black cat figurine

Our own spin on a vintage design.


A ’50s version of the game of the 1897 by Parker Bros version we blogged about with amazing pics here

black cat fortune telling game


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